Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday 55

 Write a story in 55 words, then go share it with the G-Man.  One more field trip story.

The huge metal hook lay there, as if dropped in haste.
Yellow paint flaking.

As her nephew sped forward, she reached into the past.

Ah,  10 again.

Eyes widening, pulse quickening,
she stared at the hook which fished Apollo 8 out of the sea.

Now they all shared the same deck…43 years apart.
Twas magical.
If you were here last week, you'll know I went on a field trip with my 11 year old nephew to Ft. Sumter and the USS Yorktown air craft carrier.  Although it felt more like a sprint than a class trip, something caught my eye and stopped me short.  As tunnel vision kicked in, I forgot I was suppose to be the Aunt/Chaperon because suddenly, I was a kid excited little kid!
Why?  Because I grew up when "10..9..8.." gave you goosebumps.  When you sat on the floor, with all fingers crossed while you mentally wished all those astronauts up into space.   Amazed by their bravery, hoping they got back safe.  Crying when my favorite astronaut, Gus Grissom, was killed on the launch pad.  {No, I have no idea why he was my favorite!} So between the field trip and listening to my audio book with the actual recordings between NASA astronauts and Mission Control, the moon was on my mind when I saw that giant yellow hook.  The sign advised that while the Apollo 8 capsule on display was a model, the hook was the REAL thing, having plucked the astronauts to safety onto the Yorktown's deck.

It was a surreal moment: surrounded by WWII era planes in the Yorktown's hangar only to turn around and be confronted by history I remember.  First hand.  I didn't even have time to explain the why of it all as my nephew posed next to the model for a nano-second before scampering off search of adventure.
Oh the irony of how close he'd been standing to REAL adventure...and didn't even know it.

Actual shot of Apollo 8 being lifted onto the USS Yorktown. 
Model of Apollo 8 on deck.


steven said...

i remember those moments and feelings so very well hope!!! how cool for you. steven

Jingle said...

it is good to throw those moments out on paper and have a sign of relief.

Happy Friday.
lovely 55.

Steve Isaak said...

Great scene; writing matches its inherent charms.

G-Man said...

I remember seeing an Apollo capsule at the Smithsonion and thinking that these guys were THE bravest people on Earth to be shot into space in a tuna fish can!!
Loved your 55 Hope.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Monkey Man said...

So cool.

Titus said...

Cooler than cool! Love that black-and-white shot.

Belinda Munoz said...

Wow! That's one powerful hook! I can see why one would forget their duty tochaperone in the presence of such history and awe. Loved your 55.

hope said...

steven: thanks! Even listening to that audio book I get goosebumps listening to that countdown...and I already know how it ends. :)

Thanks Jingle...happy weekend to you.

Steve Isaak: thanks!

G-Man: When I was a kid I saw a capsule at the Smithsonian and wondered why they stuffed the monkey. :) Now I know.

Ah Monkey Man...we promise not to stuff you. :)

Titus: yep, that shot itself brings childhood flying to the forefront!

Belinda: I asked said nephew this afternoon if he realized what he'd seen. I got a sigh of, "'am". He didn't. :)

gautami tripathy said...

You captured well a great historical moment...

Here is mine:

Larry said...

you brought back some memories to my own mind what a nice 55 and the additional info.

miss seeing you at "This Blog Of Mine
hope everything is well with you and your family.

The Vicious One
Thanks Larry Moon

Larry said...

hope this was emailed to me I don't know if you recieved one or not but I'm sure grandma wouldn't mind I think you would be great at it as you are with friday 55's and microfiction Mondays.
Missing microfiction? I'm hosting a new microfiction meme.

Succinctly Yours
begins on Monday, March 28th. Check out the link for the photo and optional word.
Hope you'll join in.

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Brian Miller said...

crazy...those early pioneers...but without them where would we be?