Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday 55

If  you write a story in 55 words, please take time to let the G-Man know you played. I know.  I'm REALLY late.  But if you had to take pictures of your male co-workers wearing red dresses, it would take you a day to recoup too.  :)  
(It was for the American Heart Association so it was good fun for a great cause!)

In cyberspace you cross paths with people you don’t know.  
Folks you’ll never meet.

Yet you let them into your world, 
while they hold open the door to theirs. 

One lets me peek down a street  I’d be afraid to venture.  
But he’s taught me how men change.  
Love heals.  
Good prevails.

Welcome home, Jimmy.


moondustwriter said...

you meet some incredible people in this "other" world.

My life is richer because of those people - I am glad that is the case for you

happy weekend

Moonie smiles

Monkey Man said...

Great post. This is so true of life in the blog.

mapstew said...



G-Man said...

Bloggerville is the largest support group I've ever seen.
Excellent 55 My Friend.
Men Can Change?..hahahahahahaha
Whatever you say..:-)

Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

steven said...

i'm grateful for the many extraordinary writers and thinkers and livers and photographers and artists and teachers and musicians i have met in my travels across the bloggy world. "men can change". i know this can be true having experienced it - it was magical and sustains me on those days when i miss my dad. steven

Larry said...

I totally agree with moonster

You'll find mine at the end of the link.

Death and Carnage

Brian Miller said...

smiles. yeah there are some pretty cool people out here in the www...smiles at the return of your friend...

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hope, how wonderfully true... we meet other people out here in cyberspace, and they end up becoming good friends we've never had the pleasure of spending an evening with, talking and sharing a drink. It's fantastic! I have been blessed with some amazing new relationships... including with our friend Jimmy.

Jimmy said...

Admitting change is sometimes harder than the actual event taking place. Kind words, thank you.

izzy said...

I like the open doors! on both sides.

Mona said...

I guess we all open up in the cyber world because we have less to fear here, than in the real world!

Peggy said...

This was so beautiful and it touched my Heart!
We all can change and it's really something when you see it happen.
You made my first cup of coffee memorable this morning.
I just love when that happems.
Bravo my friend!

savannah said...

perfect, sugar! a lovely welcome home! xoxoxox

(sometimes, i post JUST because i know my pals in blogville will hold my hand when i need them to and sometimes before i even know it!)

Titus said...

Yep, that moved me.

JeannetteLS said...

Just finished having an afternoon of email exchanges with just such a friend. We wondered whether we'll ever meet and decided probably yes, in a decade or two when we cannot see OR walk, but what the hell? We have seen one another through plenty in the last eighteen months. And I knew I had to catch up on blogs for my own sake tonight--there you were. Beautifully written. My connections here, even though there have been absences, are profoundly real to me. Thank you for your entry today.

Pearl said...

Ah! So you know Jimmy, too! :-)

It's a small (blog) world!