Saturday, February 12, 2011

For Titus, Ponita & Charlie

Saturday.   Most people see it as that day of the week for kicking up their heels and having fun.  I can "see" it like that, it just doesn't usually work out that way. 

When I was a kid Saturday mornings were filled with those mundane household chores which made us grow up to be socially responsible adults.  Well, that sounds better than I can't have any fun on Saturday until the laundry is done because the little voice from childhood yells, "Chores first!"    I even remember as a child telling my Mom, "When I grow up, I'm NOT having Saturdays!"  This meant, to me, I would not do laundry.

It's Saturday.  I just finished the 3rd load... with one to go.

Titus has written a fun poem about this chore.  And I thought of her the other day when I grabbed up the latest load of pillows made by my senior citizens destined for hospice patients.  It's one of their many projects to help the community.  This one just sort of stood out.

 So I'll try to remember that notion on laundry day.

In honor of Ponita's birthday (yesterday but why not stretch it out for the whole weekend?)  I offer up a selection by my favorite Canadian singer, Michael Buble.  (Map, kindly note that I said favorite "Canadian"'re still my favorite Irish one).   

Because Charlie has recently discovered Mr. Buble as well, I thought he'd enjoy Michael's take on Hollywood, which he co-wrote.  You know someone's a good guy when he uses his actual buddies to pick him up at the end of the video.

And yes, I will always have a soft spot for Cowboys...even Canadian ones.  Enjoy!


Ponita in Real Life said...

Aw! Gee, thanks, Hope!! You're a doll. ♥♥♥
I loves Michael Bublè. :-)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh dear... I put the accent the wrong way. My apologies to Mr. Bublé...

mapstew said...

Taught him all he knows! :¬)


Peggy said...

How sweet of you Hope.
I love Michael too, even though my kids cringe! Too bad so sad!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

For us growing up as well, it was Chores first on Saturday, then the fun things. I shoveled out my Seniors yesterday, got home and helped the Landlord shovel out here, did the laundry, went back out and did some errands. It was suppertime by the time I took some time for me.

You have a wonderful week ahead and take today and enjoy for yourself.

Titus said...

I want that cushion! And I want someone else to take my laundry!

Secondly, metal-head that I am, each time I walk into HMV I have to physically restrain myself from buying a Michael Buble album. You are not helping (I love that song).

And finally, I make mine do jobs. I feel like I'm scarring them for life now. Certainly scaring them, the volume of raised voice it takes...

hope said...

Ponita: you're most welcome. Thank you Canada for sharing Michael B. :)

Map: well of course you did...that's why he's good.

Peggy: you're kids don't have a clue...and you can tell them I said so. GOOD music knows no age limits.

Bill: you're a good guy! I'm just glad our snow melts before we ever need a shovel.

Titus: Ah, I wish I could've snagged it for you but it went to a cancer patient. But I know how you feel about the laundry issue. Yes, Michael B. is one of the few singers I actually keep an eye out for a latest release. Sadly, I'm up-to-date and he'll be busy getting married soon, so I'm guessing no new music for a while. As for the boys: one day, some woman will THANK YOU one day for creating a wonderful husband for her. So keep raising that volume. :)