Thursday, February 24, 2011

For steven...who also appreciates the sky

"Grab your camera and come outside!"  Hubby called enthusiastically yesterday evening after I got home from work.  I was tired and none too thrilled, to tell you the truth, but he doesn't ask much of me so I did as requested.

There's a reason this man understands the great out of doors.  And merely one of the many reasons I'm still glad he's around after all these years.

He said it looked like fish scales to him.  I thought it looked more like bubbles in a champagne glass...which was especially humorous since I don't drink.  What do you think?

And so the hunt for the spectacular sunset began.

 But one more of the fluffy whatever-you-see clouds.

Some will see a setting sun and cloud with a flaw.
I see God peeking down through the clouds to say goodnight.

Look closely and you'll see a helicopter's black silhoutte...
a Medi-Vac hospital helicopter winging someone toward help.  
But if you look at it long enough, 
I swear it looks as if the ocean and golden dunes 
have been turned upside down.

My favorite.

To us, a lonely little cloud breaks away from the crowd.
To a conspiracy theorist...a UFO hovers.

One more stroke with the artist's brush and 
day is done in the country.

Night y'all!


Monkey Man said...

clouds are amazing like so many ripples on a pond. Beautiful pics.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Beautiful photos, Hope! I love watching the clouds. Many years ago in university, I took a climatology course just to fill a space... and loved it! I don't remember too many clouds' names, and not those ones, but I still find them fascinating.

Rachel Fox said...


mapstew said...

Nature is the best artist. :¬)


Brighid said...

clouds, love the big fluffy white ones sailing by, in the summer, playing tag in the meadows...

steven said...

hope i am so sorry it took so long for me to arrive here. each of these photographs is so beautiful - so very very powerful. the second photograph is like one of the most amazing illutrations you might come across in a children's book. the sunsets - like a beach inverted for sure!!! thankyou so much for sharing these images and for your dedicating them in my name. for i surely love the sky! steven

Titus said...

What a stunning sequence. Thank you for sharing just one evening of magic!

hope said...

Monkey Man; they do look like pond ripples, don't they!

Ponita: reminds me of the time I took an Astronomy course for the same reason, thinking we'd be looking at the heavens. We did..on the last night of class! Otherwise it was the more "dry" aspects of how stars form, etc.

Rachel: have time to read blogs with that schedule of yours?! :)

Map: I concur. And the show changes nightly. ;)

Brighid: old as I am, I STILL try to see animals/etc. in those summer clouds.

steven: no need to apologize! You take such beautiful photos I knew you'd appreciate our wildly weird evening sky. 2nd photo is in my backyard; the little red building is our pump house.

Titus: sometimes a picture is worth more than a 1,000 words. Glad I could take YOU on a trip for once. :)

The Broken Down Barman said...

wow some amazing sky pictures there. never get a thing like that in my miserable little country!

hope said...

Barman: you're alive! Who knew? Glad you came by to visit. :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Beautiful Hope, I love looking at the Sky.

Peggy said...


I've never seen clouds and fluffy bubbles like this before.
I saw everything that you so skillfully pointed out.
We have big skies here too but I never seem to be able to find my camera. Good job.