Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Mr. G-Man

I didn't have time to ask my Mom to write an excuse note for why I failed to turn in my Friday 55 today.  But here goes.  And I can't even blame the dog for eating it!  

My plan after exiting Thursday morning's Staff Meeting was to spend my lunch hour lovingly crafting my Friday 55.  That was before the Supervisor "shared" with the group that I would be taking on yet ANOTHER task: teaching ceramics at the main office to ALL the seniors who wanted to learn.  Oh joy. I thought I was done doing that 5 years ago.  I was then added to another committee and even trying to beg off with {in reasonable voice}, "The County Administrator has put me on a new project" to {whiny voice} "Oh come on!  Surely there is someone other than ME capable of doing this!"

Being capable is a bad thing in my line of work.  Sigh.

So I missed a lunch out with the seniors to go back to Project #12355 (County Administrator's) when the Telephone guy called to say he was coming out to install DSL.  Hallelujah!  Finally, they're giving me the proper tools to do all this extra stuff.

Yes, I should know better.

The Telephone guy was there in 30 minutes...he should teach the Cable guy that trick.  Telephone Guy, had his technological end set up in minutes.  That's when we discovered that although the antique which passes as a work computer on my desk has an Ethernet one in IT ever thought it was necessary to set it up to work!

Did I mention that Telephone Guy also discovered I was working on a 1998 Windows system...merely upgraded to Windows XP 2002?

Off went helpful Telephone Guy, looking sad enough for both of us.  And although I'm pretty sure since I pay taxes and vote that I'm adult enough to contact IT all by myself, Chain of Command means calling the Supervisor to ask "Mother May I?"

Luckily for me I got the only male with power in the office who sighed and said, "Just call them and explain it.  Then we'll know the message got through."

I just love that little bald headed guy.  I believe my exact words were, "Thanks Dad!"  as he laughed.  He's 5 years younger than I am and may be the only other person in our department, besides me, who has a functioning sense of humor.

And in true tech fashion when I called IT....I got an answering machine.  I left a message in hopes they will return my call before 2012.  My next meeting with the Big Man is on Monday.
So, in true I-am-exhausted fashion, I slugged through the cold, stinging rain  and plopped into my car, not thrilled about the commute ahead.  Then I tried to crank my car.

That caused the most god awful sound I've ever heard.  So I shut it off.  Looked around.  No idiot light.  Nothing falling off the car.  I tried again.  Horrible sound, half as bad.  I shut off the car just in time to watch a cat launch himself from under my car and off through the wooded lot next door as if his butt was on fire.  Tail in the air, he was looking back over his shoulder as if I would be coming to get him.  For you cat lovers, he appeared to have all his body parts and no blood flowing from them.  Shaking my head I cranked the car up, put it in reverse and putted backwards with no problem.

Then I put it into gear and couldn't turn the steering wheel.  At this moment, the idiot light indicated my Engine was mad at me.

Long story short; that darn cat's resting spot (almost his last) had gotten him tangled up just enough that when I initially started the car, he did the tango with my drive belt and knocked it loose.  Had to call the Hubby to come and rescue me....Hubby who was 22 miles from my office.

At least I held the flashlight as he powered his way past  the "you need a special tool to loosen that part" to get me back on the road.

So before I left work today, with it cold and rainy again, I pounded on my car's hood, slammed the door and blew the horn several times before cranking her up.

And that's my excuse for not having a 55 story today.  Hopefully it won't be an excuse I ever have to use again.


Larry said...

Wow after all of that I'd say you have an excuse.

Ponita in Real Life said...

What a crappy day! For you and that cat! I've known several cats who've been in that predicament. One ended up being named 'Tripod' due to the amputation of one hind leg. The other had a huge hunk of skin torn off its back, but once pieced back together and with hair grown back in, you couldn't even tell!

I'd say you've more than excuse enough. Want me to sign your note? I think I'm older than you... ;-)

steven said...

i'll take this four hundred and something story anytime. some days just unfold that way eh!! steven

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i think you are had quite the day...

G-Man said...

Please see me after class!!!

hope said...

Larry..there are days and then there are DAYS.

Ponita: I thought of you immediately and wanted to yell, "I did not kill the cat!" He was small...maybe only his dignity was injured. And if I'm right, we're the same age but I turned it in January, making me older. :0

steven: it may not be exciting, but it wasn't boring. :)

Brian: thank you. I feel better now.

G-man: I know. Write 55 times, "I will not give a haircut to a cat unless he asks for one."

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Reading this made me tired, When it get cold here, cats and other critters love to get warm at the radiator. Some poor beasts don't get away like the cat in your story did.

Hope you had a restful weekend.

Titus said...

Oh, I'm going to say a terrible thing. An unsympathetic thing.

That was so amusing and weird I didn't miss the 55 at all. And you can teach ceramics?!?

hope said...

Bill: please tell your boys I think the "car cat" is okay.

Titus: I teach ceramics because I had came with the job. Talk about on the job training! We had our own kiln for a while but sold it 2 years ago as the seniors had tired of making all those little angels. Usually we buy our greenware and I don't have to pour but I might have to this time. Yuck!

Peggy said...

Gosh Hope; everything and the kitchen sink too! (a fav line of my Grandma) I will write your excuse my self.
To Whom it may concern (G-man)
Please give Hope a pass, we'll tell you "why" later after our nap!