Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Still Here

Took a week off during the holidays and things didn't exactly return to normal right away.  Thus my recent absence.  Oh the part where I  helped Hubby with his business Inventory wasn't so bad.  And we finally picked out new furniture. for the living room.  Therefore we decided to "donate' the old sofa and love seat to my office.  Since we both had Jan. 3rd off, we took that day to go my Center.

Someone had already been there.  Calling card....broken window.

In a sort of bad game of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the intruder ate all of my intended week of lunches out of the kitchen refrigerator freezer [although he used the microwave and threw the boxes in the trash can].  Then he upped it a notch and stole the pork chops I had planned to cook for the seniors the next day.  Looking around I discovered he also stole a third of the dessert, some paper plates and cups...guess maybe he was planning a dinner party.

Well, after his nap.

I wondered why it was so warm in the front hall when we arrived.  Seems he took a nap...or three or four....on the front sofa and pushed the heat up to almost 80 degrees.

While part of me would like to at least think this was a homeless person who needed temporary food and shelter, the realist in me realizes it's someone who's more into receiving than giving.  This is the 4th time in 6 years and it's always that same window.  First guy used a knife to get past the locks on the backdoor but the police got him and took him to a homeless shelter.  2nd time: broken window on the most hidden side of the building.  3rd time: same window but we discovered, after comparing stories, that he'd slipped in while the seniors had a night time dance class, used the restroom, unlocked the window and came back the next night.  This time; back to smashing the window. 

So I've been a little busier than I'd planned...because we all know coming back OFF of vacation is twice the work. 

Now if I can only motivate my employer to fix the brick wall someone ran a car into....well, a YEAR ago today.  An Engineer pronounced it structurally sound.  Perhaps.  But it's an ugly sight to see when entering my Center for the first time.

I don't need New Year's resolutions.  I need a Fairy Godmother.  


steven said...

. . . or perhaps to invite the homeless in for a big meal! tough break - no pun intended - about the food borrowing. it's so strange that it happens so often and in the same way. almost like a tradition. steven

Monkey Man said...

That's just wrong. What is with people. Even though I see these and worse stories when I write my What The Hell Wednesday blog, I still don't understand the stupidity and shelfishness of some folks. Raised by wolves, I guess.

mapstew said...

How about a Baldy Tattooed Godfather? (Now if I can only rouse my sidekick Jimmy!) :`)


savannah said...

xoxoxxoxo for you sister-girl! it ain't easy, i know!

Peggy said...

Sounds like someone was hungry, cold and needed a nap! Tisk.
Sorry it had to be your cave that he broke into.
Happy New Year my friend!

hope said...

steven: the hard part is feeling bad for anyone hungry or homeless yet feeling angered because the SENIORS paid for what that person took. And of course, they won't be reimbursed by local government for the cost. Sigh.

Monkey Man: agreed. Wonder if wolves eat their young? ;)

Map: deal! :)

Sav: thanks. I needed that.

Peggy: my first answer sums it up. How to balance kindness with anger that someone took advantage of my seniors?