Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 55

This may be the only time that being "economical" is actually fun.  If  you write a story in 55 words, please take time to let the G-Man know you played.
Take the quiz, then make a wish.  
In a week your wish will come true.

"Yeah, right," she muttered.
"Okay, I wish to get paid to write for a living."

A week later the Boss called her in.
She'd been chosen to write the company newsletter.

More work.
Same pay.

Ah, the consequences of wishing.

Okay, so this one is based in fact.  Mom sent me one of those e-mail quizzes that asks you to finish by making a wish, then sharing the e-mail.  Since I'd done this quiz before, I didn't see any need to "pass it on".

My job is currently in a state of flux.  After 8 years of extra travel with no compensation, I no longer have to work at 2 Centers a day [good bye afternoon Grump!  Sorry kids.].  Yet my schedule is still up in the air.  And yes, I'm trying to nudge it in the direction I'd like it to fall.

Before Christmas I'd sent a memo to the Big Boss asking if he'd considered re-issuing an annual report to the public that we'd done years ago.  Yes, I'd been on that committee for 5 years but when I took another position with my company and wasn't literally across the street, it died.   Well, for better or worse, my memo "inspired" the Big Boss and as of Monday, I'll now be writing the company newsletter.   I already do one for my seniors, and the Big Boss gets a copy, which he used as ammunition with a sincere sounding, "You are very talented at this.  You're an excellent writer."

Ah yes, excellence that comes for the price they already pay for me.  My ego didn't need stroking but I will enjoy the opportunity to do something I actually enjoy.  Plus it might FINALLY get me a computer upgrade since he wants to issue it electronically.

But the next time you make a wish, check out that "pass it on" clause.


Brian Miller said...

nice....kinda. smiles. i would not mind getting paid to wishes...job challenges can be tough...

Monkey Man said...

This is the age of get all you can out of your employees --- for NOTHING!! Add that gem to your resume and start looking for a place that places value on your talent.

Belinda Munoz said...

A little perspective switch and we have our dream job, I guess. I enjoyed your 55.

G-Man said...

The Chosen One!!
Write On Hope!!
Excellent 55 My Friend..
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Larry said...

wow I never knew of such a clause

Akelamalu said...

I suppose that's a prime example of "be careful what you wish for" eh? ;)

izzy said...

Be VEY careful what you wish for!
good one thanks-

Raven said...

Gotta love irony :)