Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ah, the Irony

I didn't get around to write my Monday Microfiction today because....I was actually walking down the beach this afternoon!  And no, no old guys with beards or buoys were found.

We haven't been to the beach in a long time and here, at the end of January when just two weeks ago there was snow, today it was 74 degrees! (23 C ).  Our friends live at Edisto Island.  Once there, they loaded us in the boat, then took us to the edge of the island where the ocean comes in to wave hello.  I haven't seen that many shells since I was a kid!

Which is why it was so cool to go "shell hunting" with the couple's 8 year old daughter, who is home schooled.   He's a fishing guide, Mom does kayak tours and the 9 month old baby rides in a pouch on her back.  They're the kind of family who literally live off the land, raising their own vegetables, keep chickens and have bee hives for honey.  So it was a rather surreal experience when this sweet little girl, who had the same enthusiasm I had at her age, came out of the house after applying her "makeup."  Over the holidays they visited her Mom's family in Sweden and it appears the cousins introduced her to makeup that you might see on a Paris runway.  I smiled without laughing when she explained the blue eye shadow over and UNDER her eyes made them stand out.  They if she'd gone 3 rounds with a prize fighter and lost.

But it was fun to share an afternoon of finding natural prizes along the beach, both of us sounding like 8 year olds I'm sure....even if she was wearing more makeup.  She liked hearing about what I'd used shells for and even though she knew all their proper names, she confided she had nicknames for them too, giggling in delight when I picked up one and announced we'd called them "shovelers" because they were good....

...."for digging sand to make sandcastles!" she finished enthusiastically.

Exactly, I nodded.  

And so the hour on the beach went: her parents and the baby scouting ahead for treasures we might overlook, we "little girls" shell hunting while Hubby walked with our dog Boudreaux, who had just experienced his first boat ride and that ocean water is not for drinking.  Wish I'd had the camera for the double take, followed by spit take, that he did after trying to quench his thirst as the ocean lapped at him.

A nice, quiet Sunday afternoon.  Good company, beautiful weather and all the shells I could carry back.  Memories like this are great....because tomorrow it's suppose to rain and turn cool again.  

But I'll just be looking at the last shell she handed me, noting, "If you could just find me some lipstick this color, that would be cool."

The shell...was purple.  Long live little girls with imagination!


G-Man said...

Bragging again Hope?


steven said...

i could read more and more . . . please . . . . what a world to walk into - it would be hard to leave. steven

Ponita in Real Life said...

Sounds like a splendiferous afternoon! And I bet you could find her some purple lipstick somewhere... ;-)

Peggy said...

Sounds heavenly Hope.
Wish I could have been there too!\
Glad you were though!
Have a wonderful week!

mapstew said...

What a wonderful day!

Sorry I haven't been around, the heid is busy! (And I don't mind being compared to a drunken sailor!) :¬)


Rachel Fox said...

Oh goodness - I'd better start changing my vocabulary! A Paris runway (to us 'catwalk') had me all confused! They're both pretty odd terms really!

hope said...

G-man if you mean the weather, it's already changed back to winter. :)

steven; what else would you like to hear/read about? :)

Ponita: it was great! And now I'll just HAVE to find the purple lipstick.

Peggy it was wonderful! Today...back to normal, cold, rainy yuck!

Map, it was great! Ah, my punishment is that I now have that sailor tune stuck in my head! ;)

Rachel, I'd normally call it a catwalk too but I was afraid I'd confuse the men folk. :) I think of runways as more for planes too.

Titus said...

What a lovely day and what a beautiful post about it! So good, in fact, I'm feeling a bit envious. I haven't unbundled myself from 5 layers since November, and the thought of a bit of sunshine, sand, shells and sea just sounds wonderful.

pilgrimchick said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience--winters like the one we are experiencing this year make me truly miss the beach!

JeannetteLS said...

Wonderful post about my idea of an exquisite day. And it has inspired a memory in me for an entry of my own down the road. I just found you through Dave King's site and boy am I glad. You brightened my very cold, icicle filled world today.