Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Past addresses The Future

I've been on vacation this week and today as I put up the Christmas stuff, I found a box of old photos which belong in my one-of-these-days-this-will-make-it-into-my-Family-Tree pile.  Inside the box I found a bonus: lots of postcards from my paternal Granddaddy to my Grandma while they were "courting".   The first card arrived when she was only 14; a Valentine from my  22 year old Granddaddy.   Sounds odd today, but back then families knew each other.  In fact, her sister was dating Granddaddy's brother...having already dated HIM, she chose his brother to marry.   Hey, back then you looked around the neighborhood and found a spouse.  They were married in 1928 and only parted when he died in 1973.

Granddaddy was always a man of few words.  Even though I knew he loved me, it was through actions more than words.  After all, we lived next door to them for the first 8 years of my life.  But finding these cards, while making me feel like a temporary peeping Tom, gave me an insight into the man he was...the suitor whose cards progressed from "My Friend", to "Honey" and "Darling".  A husband who wrote,  "My Darling Wife" as he declared how much he missed her while she was away.   On paper, he was dashing and bold.  In person, he was quiet and steadfast.

Here are a few that are just right for this season.  Most are postmarked between 1922 and 1927, while they were courting.  Some were from family and friends.  But the artwork was simply too pretty to keep to myself, especially when the sentiments cover it well.  You can click on each one to enlarge it.

And this one is my very favorite,
for how many "lucky" symbols the artist managed to add. 

 Here's wishing you and the ones you love 
a very Happy 
(and Glad)
New Year!


steven said...

superb!! i know how fortunate you are to sit in on the past and listen as relatives become people in the most intimate form. to know that these apparently serious or quiet people felt such love . . . well it's so good really isn't it! i wonder what signposts we're leaving behind?! steven

mapstew said...

How wonderful and innocent those seem as seen from back then. (Today? a 14 yr old & a 22yr old?)

A happy and peaceful New Year to you and yours hope, thank you for your wonderful friendship over the past year, and looking forward to getting to know you even better in the next year! :¬)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Oh how sweet! And those really are beautiful cards... Thanks for sharing with us! But yeah... I agree with Map... a 14 yr old and a 22 yr old today??? Not without jail time! ;-)

hope said...

steven: it was almost like a personal history lesson. And I DO wonder what we're leaving behind for the next generation.

Map:I always knew Granddaddy was older, but I didn't realize HOW much older until I found these cards and did the math! Yep, today he would've been in jail. ;)

Ponita: isn't it funny how life changed so fast? Then again, my Granddaddy went from horse and buggy to an Model A Ford and witnessed radio, t.v. and man walking on the moon!

savannah said...

lovely post, gorgeous cards and you! we've gone through a lot this year and you've made it easier for me more times than you could possibly know. happy new year, sister, to you and yours! xoxoxoxox

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i hope you have a wonderful new years...

Kim Ayres said...

You have a Rambling Beard Award waiting for you over on my blog. Do pop by to collect it :)

G-Man said...

Have a Kick Ass 2011

Peggy said...

As I wait for the hour of New years, I am so entertained with your wonderful vintage New Year's cards. They look so delicate and sweet. I think my favorite is the last one too. Love all the luck it sends!
Happy New Year Hope, may 2011 be healthy and happy and prosporous for all! :)

hope said...

Savannah: we southern gals must stick together through thick and thin...but we never talk about the thin part, especially if the word "chocolate" comes up. :) Here's wishing you a much improved 2011.

Brian: same to you and yours!

Kim: why, I'm honored! Soon as I swim through this end of the year business paperwork for Hubby, I'll be right over.

G-man: right back at ya! May 2011 be the year I get my act together for Friday 55s.

Peggy: they are sweet, aren't they? I think I'll hang the last one on the bulletin board over my desk! Wishing you all the best for an even greater 2011!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

A Treasure you have found Hope, thank you for sharing with us some of that treasure. You Grandfather was truly a wonderful man. The Cards were wonderful, the artwork alone along with the poem on the first one. There is no character to most cards today.

Wishing you and your family a truly wonderful 2011

Titus said...

What an absolute treasure trove, and how wonderful that you knew, and are blood-connected so strongly, to the man that sent them. Public and private faces, so intriguing.
And like the others, a bit agog that the first sent when Grandmother just 14!

hope said...

Bill, it's always fun to "see" a family member with an adult's eyes rather than a child's.

Titus: I knew he was older but was shocked at HOW much older and how YOUNG she was when his pursuit began. :) With the exception of the personal ones from Granddaddy to Grandma, the rest are going to our local historian for preservation. I love this guy: he thinks this kind of stuff is gold. :)