Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kids on....Marriage

My Mom e-mailed me one of those "kids say the darnedest things" tributes the other day on what kids think of marriage.  It contained 10 questions and the replies were....cute.

It made me wonder, do all kids think like that or did they just glean the cream of the crop answers to forward?  So I decided to put it to the test and ask the six kids at our center this afternoon what they thought about this topic.  You should know that for some of these kids, they have multiple siblings who share either a Mother OR a Father but not both.  It tends to effect your outlook on life although there are some things which will always remain....kid like.

So I don't get sued, I'll list the kids by an initial...or two if more than one has the same beginning initial.  Your scoreboard reads like this:
J:   boy, age 8                                               Jar: girl, age 7
D:  girl, age 10                                               Z: girl, age 9
JV: boy, age 9                                               T: girl, age 7

How do you decide whom to marry?
J:  [Big sigh and shake of head]  I don't know.
D: By asking his name and a few things.
JV: I marry my girlfriend.
Jar:He makes me happy.
Z:  You wait until you find the right person.
T:  Someone like my brother. 

What is the right age to get married?
J:     20
D:    32
JV:   20
Jar:  39
Z:    30
T:    28

How can a stranger tell if two people are married?
J:  They have a ring on their hand.
D: Wedding rings.
JV:They're wearing a wedding dress and suit.
Jar:  She has a wedding dress on.
Z:  They're holding hands
T:  They have on clothes.  I mean wedding clothes.

What to you think your Mom and Dad have in common?
J:  They care for you.
D: Both are nice.
JV: They share what they own.
Jar: The like to go to the park with us.
Z: Trucks.
T:  Eating.

What do most people do on a date?
J: Go out and eat.
D: Go to restaurants.
JV: Go out and eat and talk and kiss, then marry.
Jar: Go out and eat.
Z: Talk and kiss.
T: Laugh and just sit there.

When is it okay to kiss someone?
J: At a wedding.
D: When it's your girlfriend or boyfriend.
JV: Your girlfriend or if you're married.
Jar:When I get married.
Z:When they don't hurt you.  
   {And yes, this one scared me because she has the "good family}
T: Oh, that's nasty!  I'm NEVER gonna kiss a boy!

Is it better to be single or married?
J: Married
D: Married
JV: Married
Jar: Married
Z:  Married
T:  Single  {Well there is that nasty business of kissing boys}

How would you make your marriage work?
J: Buy her stuff.
D: Go to different places like the beach and stuff.
JV: Give her a ring.
Jar: Treat him right.
Z: Have kids and get a big house.
T: Fake kissing him.  But grow flowers and give them to him.  

From this experiment I concluded that:
J: sounds like an old soul who's already been married for 25 years. 

D: our oldest kid, thinking about the future of dating has a good head on her shoulders. 

JV:  our "challenged" kid actually had the kindest and best thought out answers.  He even asked how my marriage was.  {Fine, thank you}.

Jar: our little diva of the eye rolling, head popping, you-can't-make-me appears to be our most sentimental and may actually marry a guy instead of roping him and dragging him home.

Z: is our "sensitive" kid with a traditional family.  Only the part about not getting hurt worried me.  Then again, she's the kind of kid who would politely point out if you were hugging her too hard.  I know.  She hugs me every day and asks if she's doing that "just right".  :)

T: this is our youngest, mentally, of the 7 year olds.  Most questions were followed by an incredible, "What?!" before I could get an answer.  I figure she's the safest...seeing how nasty it is to have to kiss boys.  I tried reassuring her that they get better as they grow older.  She says they're dumb.  I told her they get smarter.  She just looked at me and shook her head with a sigh.

"No way," she grimaced, shaking her head. "No way I'm EVER going to kiss a boy!"

I'd like to see her again in about 10 years and let her take this survey again when she find a boy just like big brother.


Monkey Man said...

very interesting.

mapstew said...

Kids eh? Honest to the core!

When I called at a friends house recently one of his girls ran to open the door, as she had seen me through the window, walking up the drive.
"Hi Dave" she shouted as she opened the door, and then "Oh, sorry Stewart, I thought it was Dave, 'cos he's bald too, but his nose isn't as big though, and he's younger"! :¬)


Ponita in Real Life said...

I love the answers kids give!

@Map: Oh dear! ;-)

Brighid said...

I've always wondered where they got the kids answers, so thanks for doing your own mini quiz.
Kids are such fun!

Titus said...

Really interesting hope, and especially as the 'traditions' of love and marriage are so imbued in all of us, even children with difficult backgrounds. Except good old T of course.
So where is it coming from? Culture, nurture, or is there some nature in here?

Onedia said...

Kids are amazingly perceptive. We usually do not fool them and they know more than they let us know. I enjoyed reading the results of your survey.

Dominic de Mattos said...

I absolutely loved this post. Made me grin from ear to ear!

Thanks for sharing


hope said...

Monkey Man: if only they were as interested in their homework.

Map: sometimes TOO honest. And there's nothing wrong with your nose. ;)

Ponita: some times that's the only reason I don't walk off that part of the job...they're entertaining.

Brighid: I only wish I could've included a photo of how that little girl screwed up her face when I asked the kissing question. :)

Titus: I thought if any kids would be anti-marriage it would be this group. I was surprised, especially as some were more sentimental than I thought them capable of. I'd love to hear the T's answers. :)

Onedia: thanks. It was fun to try.

Dom: I always love to know I made a red head smile. :) Half the kids in my neighborhood were red heads and for a while, I thought something was wrong with me because I wasn't. :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I can see Art looking down with a Nodding Head and an approving kind of look with smile.