Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Titus

I admit it.  I am not a risk taker.   It's ingrained in my DNA to look before I leap, think before I speak (most of the time) and to remember that choices have consequences.  One of the first quotes I remember learning was, "When in doubt...DON'T!"  My 8th grade English teacher would be so proud to know I remembered.  Yet another tool to keep me in line.

Unfortunately, I can be SO prepared that I make a Boy Scout look like a rank amateur.

Which is why this challenge of IPYPIASM, (International Put Your Poem In A Shop Month) brought to my attention by Titus, made my itch to be creative momentarily overthrow that cautious thing. 

The idea is this, courtesy of  Niamh B. who resides in Dublin, Ireland: "Take a poem, any poem, yours, or someone else's.  Keep the poem short enough that someone can read it during the browsing process - 4 - 6 lines. Stick it up in a shop. Either on the noticeboard of the shop, as was the fashion in year one of this project, or on a shelf. This is the hard part - take a picture of your poem as it embarks on its new life inspiring the tired shoppers, brightening the lives of weary shop lifters and reluctant security staff."

Then we're suppose to let her know we played, complete with photographic proof.

And so, in the spirit of fun and personal challenge I did it.  I gave myself 5 minutes to come up with a poem, typed it and headed to a local store.   Hey, my handwriting is lousy, which defeats the purpose of someone being able to READ it.  I hope this surprise will bring a smile to a weary Christmas shopper's face. 

For the record, I had to use my cell phone so the photo's aren't great.  And as I was practically on my knees to take photos, I've written the verses under the photos in case you can't make them out.  And no, I wasn't so ashamed that I picked the low shelf....the product just happened to end up there this week.

I was here
and you were not.
Now you're here
and I've moved on.

Doesn't matter.
The wish remains.
May you find Joy
wherever you go.

This is what happens when you keep company with poets.  You begin to think you can pull this off.  And yet,  even in daring myself to do something outside my norm, I still managed to remain squeaky clean.


Anonymous said...

OMG Bravo!!! I love it. I might have to try this sometime. I love it. Well done and the poem is excellent. Mele Kalikimaka to you and your family. :)

Peggy said...

I with Thom for sure on this one.
Great Job, I loved the poem and I Loved the game.
You are brave, I know it!
Merry Christmas Hope and yo your husband and furkid too!

savannah said...

merry christmas, sugarpie! well done you for the poem and the placement!!! xoxoxox

Monkey Man said...

How fun. This is a great idea to steal and pass along. Joy to you, my dear.

Jingle said...

Hope you well, season's greetings!

Awards 4 U, Merry Christmas, Thanks 4 Being My Friend!


Awards 4 U, Stay Blessed

steven said...

there's hope in the joy department!!! wickedgood work!!! steven

Niamh B said...

Fabulous work Hope, it's harder than it sounds isn't it? Gorgeous choice of poem - it'll definitely brighten someone's day


Dan said...

Dear Hope,

This is a Christmas message to you. May your holidays be filled with food, merriment, laughter and some really fat dogs.

Have a good one my friendly!



Peter Goulding said...

I think the difference between the European and American contributors to IPYPIASM is that you lot choose your locations to match the poem. Hope you find Joy in amongst a product called Joy. Quite sublime! A glass is raised in your direction!!

hope said...

Thom: same to you. I can just see you now, leaving notes on the seats of your bus. ;)

Peggy: is was so not like me that it was actually fun. :) Merry, merry to you and yours!

Sav: I didn't know how "Joy" would translate across the pond but it was too funny (to me) to pass up.

Monkey Man: I look at it this way...there can't be TOO much nice in the world.

Thanks Jingle!

steven: I knew you'd find a way to make that seem even more poetic. ;)

Niamh B: thank YOU for giving me a creative dare to follow through. Happiness to you and yours in the new year!

Dan: I'm just glad you hadn't run away to hug monkeys for the holidays. ;) Merry to you too! x

Peter: I didn't start off being that precise. I was actually thinking the Christmas wrapping paper aisle might be good when I passed the soap. Couldn't resist. Thanks for your kind words! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Peggy said...

Merry Christmas Hope!
Triple that Merry and add a few HO HO HO's!

g-man said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family...Galen

A Fistful Of Moonbeams™ said...

Wow! Brilliance here...

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Loved it, and placing it with the bottles of Joy, Inspiring. Hope you had a Wonderful Blessed Christmas.

Happy New Year my friend.

Titus said...

Aargh! Genius! One go and she steals the show!
I am delighted that you took a leaf from my book, the fabulous book itself being written, of course, by magical Niamh.

The blessings of the season, and Peace and Joy to you and yours.
Love from all of us.

The Dandelion Tamer said...

I love, love this idea and I'm going to start playing as soon as I finish writing my blog's holiday post. Glad I found your blog via clicking "Next Blog." you never know where inspiration and joy lurk...

Happy New Year,

hope said...

Peggy: that's the only kind of poker I could play..raising holiday fun. :)

G-man: thanks! Hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

A Fistful of Moonbeams: welcome! And thanks for the kind comments. I'll be visiting you this week.

Bill: it's amazing what you can accomplish with small, baby steps. ;)

Titus: Don't know about being that smart but I did give N. credit and a heads up. It was so much fun, tell her half of America is about to steal her idea. ;)

Dandelion Tamer: isn't it nice that FUN can spread faster than the bad stuff? :) Hope you'll be back.

Quilly said...

Fun! I wish I had seen this challenge!