Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Gentlemen Representatives

Congratulations on your most recent victory.  Kindly savor it now because this time, we're not going to let you fall back on the previous "business as usual" policy of which you've grown so fond.  In other words, in 48 hours, the honeymoon is over.  This time I expect you to work as hard for the public well being as I do as a lowly county government employee.  If I can go the extra mile, then so can you.

For the record, I didn't vote for you.  Nothing personal.  Since you haven't been listening to me for the past few years, you probably didn't even notice.  And no, it wasn't because you're in the  "wrong" party.  I don't play the "Red team/Blue team" game. What is it with this "color" stuff anyway?  I don't care what color you are, why would you care what shade I was born?  I'm just an Independent voter who places my trust in the hands of the INDIVIDUAL whom I believe actually has the interests of We the People at heart. 

However,  I have to take some responsibility for your lack of interest in me.  You see, we elect you, we send you on your way to Washington and don't even notice you again until you're clogging our airwaves with mud laden ads.   Well, unless you go hiking and end up in another country. This time,  however, things are going to be different. 

This time, I'm going to keep you company.  Instead of letting that Capital Dome envelope you to the point you can't hear those of us back here in South Carolina, I'm going to be your lifeline.  Your woman-on-the-street updating you with the concerns and ideas of the people you represent.  ALL of them.  Even those without political connections or money.

Yes sir, I'm going to be your new pen pal.

My job will be to remind you how great our state is, and can be, when you're in our corner instead of busy verbally pounding each other under the Dome.  I will make suggestions, share concerns, and even praise you for a job well done.  In return, I respectfully request that you occasionally answer one of my missives...even a form letter is better than being ignored.  I know.  I've written you before.  Silly me, I got my feelings hurt by your cold silence, so I just sighed and walked away.  

But not this time.  

This time I hope to show you that communication is a two way street.  I know you're busy and have employees to help.  An occasional form letter is acceptable.  Say at Christmas.   But if you don't agree with me, kindly have the good southern manners to listen first before beginning your reply with 10 reasons why I am wrong...and you are right.   Our whole Delegation could learn something from the late Sen. Strom Thurmond: he admitted when he was wrong, corrected what he could and he always replied to letters.  No, we didn't always agree.  But he never talked down to me, never took on the role of lecturing, disapproving parent scolding me as if I were an unruly child simply because our opinions differed.  So if you feel the need to lecture, kindly remember I had a father.  He taught me right from wrong.  

And I learned well.  

I look forward to checking in on you from time to time, just to see how you're doing.  I hope to keep you focused on the folks back home to the point it makes you homesick just to see the postmark on my letters.  You see, the people still care about this state, no matter how bad we've had it lately.  We may not be rich or famous, but we still have our pride and spirit of goodwill.

What about you?

Love and Kisses, 



Monkey Man said...

You could utter those same words for our entire nation.

savannah said...

honey, i am so glad we are neighbors! i am so send the same damn letter to thje georgia delegation, starting with governor-elect mr. deal! xoxoxo

(i swear we must be related!)

Jerry said...

Maybe...just maybe if more of us did the same someone would actually listen.

Peggy said...

OMG, this was great. I'm afraid that I might have to write my own letter.
I don't know why we have to have colors either. Seems so dumb.
You rock!

Ponita in Real Life said...

You will keep us posted, right? I want to know if this works at all, cuz if it does, I am so doing this up here in Canada!!!! You go, girl!!!

hope said...

I know Monkey Man. So how come WE can see that, but the politicos can't?

Savannah, now if I can just get the nerve to print it out and MAIL it. :)

Okay Jerry, now you've got me inching toward the printer. ;)

Peggy, you're seriously making me contemplate adding postage to this post. ;)

hope said...

Sorry Ponita, missed you there!

I pledge that if I find my backbone long enough to mail this missive, I will update you to what responses I get...and name WHO doesn't bother. ;)

Titus said...

Monkey Man said it all with the first comment, I suspect.

hope said...

Titus, sadly tis true.

It's hard to make a point with people whose ears are filled with cement and eyes focused on what THEY want.

Nessa said...

Bloggers unite and send letters to Washington. They wouldn't know what hit them.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope, have you ever considered running for office yourself. I think you should send that letter, and CC the President. Let him know you are watching him as well.

Brighid said...

What a terrific letter, send it, please. I thank you for representing us.

Michael G-G said...

This is utter brilliance. Thank you for it.

(By the way, I'm in Oregon and have had good response to my letters from both "red and blue." Perhaps that's why Oregon was one of the few states in this nation to stay with the status quo?)

Onedia said...

This is a wonderful post. Wish I had written it. I encourage you to cross post it on Political Voices of would be on their front page. I do not want people saying they represent my wishes when they clearly do not bother to consider my wishes and interests.

Charlie said...

Hear, hear, Hope!

You are aptly named.