Sunday, October 17, 2010

Junk Mail: Your Choice

One of the upsides of commuting is listening to NPR radio, which often has "helpful hint" type of stories.  One last year involved ridding yourself of those unwanted catalogs which fill up the mailbox.

The site is called "Catalog Choice" and aids you in opting out of any catalogs you receive that you don't want.  Sure, you can go to each catalog's website but that takes a lot of time, especially when some of the merchants make finding their "unsubscribe" button like locating a needle in a haystack.

This is a free service but you need to create a login I.D. in order to assist you as the site keeps track of your request to weed your outdoor mailbox.  They even do follow up, letting you know if your name has been removed from a mailing list or if your request was ignored.  They've added a new feature allowing you to hit a button with a "Follow up" complaint that, if gone unheeded, gives your permission for the site to advise the FTC of which catalogs are refusing to listen to customer requests.

When Auntie was in the nursing home, I received her mail at my house.  She was a catalog shopping junkie!  I'd get literally a dozen catalogs in the mail some weeks...and then they put two and two together and started mailing the same ones to me!  I'm surprised my mailman Alfred didn't ask for a medical stipend for lugging all that stuff into his car for delivery.

Not only is Alfred happy, so is Mother Earth.   And it's true: 1 person CAN make a difference!  Because of all the trees, energy and water used to make catalogs, my decision to weed out these catalogs has saved:

2 trees
584 pounds of Greenhouse gas
1,405 pounds of paper waste
207 gallons of water

Now if I can only figure out a way to save/replace all those trees which sacrifice themselves to make tissue for my allergy addled nose.


Peggy said...


You are my hero!!! I'm putting your link into my favorites and everytime I get a unwanted catelog.
BOOM it's out of here.
My Mom had the same problem as your Auntie!

hope said...

Glad to help! Sometimes ONE catalog company would send 4: one with auntie's full name, one with her middle initial, one to me and one to "resident"!

And then there are those catalog people who own 12 other companies, all of whom want to share. Go get 'em girl!

savannah said...

is this the one:
catalogue choice

i'm going to see if i can get miss daisy's name off a couple (gazillion) lists! i wish there was one for all the charities! xoxoxoxo

hope said...

Sav, don't know why the link went nuts. I fixed it [I think] so try again.

I KNOW what you mean when it comes to Miss Daisy! ;0

Anonymous said...

Your Aunt sounds like my Grandmother. Her mailbox was entirely loaded with junk like that. I'll never understand it in this day and age of the internet :)