Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog for a Jolt of Reality

I came home yesterday, dead tired.  My afternoon portion of the job is lethally boring; no kids for the past 2 days.  (But on the up side, I read a lot of that Stephen King novel).

I slunk into the house as Hubby was still working out back in his Archery shop.  I dropped my stuff to the computer desk and noticed a package from a place where Aloha means something nice no matter how you use it.  I headed for the kitchen to get a knife to open the box.  But my shortcut to the hall through our bathroom stopped me dead in my tracks.  What in the world had Hubby left on the bathroom floor?  

Unable to make it out in the semi-darkness, I flipped on the bathroom light.  And found this.
Stunned, my mind mutter a phrase Mom wouldn't approve of as I stared harder, trying to make my mind wrap around this odd patch of pink fluff.  Then I looked up.
I backtracked to the phone, dialed Hubby and asked, "When was the last time you were in the house today?"  His reply of early afternoon made me add, "And was everything okay when you went back to work?"   When he advised that it was, I sighed, "Well it's not now.  Part of our hall ceiling appears to be on the floor."

And on the top of the bathroom door.  On the picture behind the door.  On my Great Aunt's antique table,  my Great Grandfather's Family Bible, plus a lamp and an 1882 American Dictionary.

What a mess!  It looked like cotton candy from hell, accompanied by the steady dripping of water indoors.

For those of you who visit here fairly regularly, you'll recall in late June I discussed a close call we had when a mini-tornado touched down in the backyard.  If you're bored, you can read about it here. We were lucky to just lose trees.  Or so we thought.  

Long story short: evidently THAT storm loosened several shingles on the roof.  After 39 days of NO rain, we received 3 inches on Tuesday and it rained all day Wednesday.  So as it rained inside our house yesterday, Hubby called a customer who's a Contractor, who proceeded to re-shingle to stop the indoor rain shower.  Now we have to wait for things to dry up before we begin repairs.  Fortunately we have a carpet shampooer, which allowed us to suck up all the excess water out of the carpet so it didn't ruin the floor too.

How did the house KNOW I go on vacation next week?  Am I going to have to start spelling around it now too?

Which is why I'll be a little too preoccupied to play Friday 55 this week.  No one wants to hear "Hey look!  All that insulation we added 2 years ago came downstairs to check on us!" in 55 words.  :)  I'm just glad none of us were in the hall at the time.
So thanks put the smile back in the day when your box was opened.  Never has one man been so happy to have Mac Nuts with his Bourbon and Coke.  :)


mapstew said...

What a bollix! (I've been here, I know what it's like!)

And still there is room for humour in you! :¬0


Titus said...

Oh hope, my heart's with you! What a nightmare. How you found the strength to make a post that made me laugh out of it, I do not know.
To sum up; you are some kind of gal.

savannah said...

damn, just READING that made me fix a drink! you got grits, sugar! xoxoxoxoxo

Monkey Man said...

Crazy! That was supposed to be a small storm. Hope it is an easy fix.

Rachel Fox said...

How we need our roofs! Shingles even. Best of luck for the tidy up.

Anonymous said...

OMG...How horrible my friend. Geeze who would have thought that would have happened. Just amazing. I would have had the burbon straight up LOL. I hope it's an easy fix. I'm glad the package brought a little aloha finding all this mess. Much aloha :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

That's awful, just awful.

hope said...

Map, I have this weird gene that makes me laugh at total disasters. Oh sure, part of me wants to cry but I giggle instead. Seems healthier. :)

Titus: see reply to Map. Then again, maybe I really do need that week off. :)

Sav: have a drink for me, will ya?

Monkey Man: the weirdest part was my brain wondering how pink cotton candy got on the floor? County Fair is going on...guess my brain cells made a strange leap. ;)

Thanks Rachel. The things we take for granted.

Thom, he may have been grinning over the Macs, the chocolate healed my heart. :)

Totalfeckineejit: can I just say that name of yours alone made me smile. :) Thanks for the sympathy.

Brian Miller said...

oh man...that sucks...sorry. we got crushed in teh storm...

moondustwriter said...

Cotton Candy from hell what a comment
we had that happen once so I know the feeling.
Glad you are ok

and what the heck this makes a jarring 55+

hope the weekend goes well

Moon smiles

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you had something nice from Thom (wonderful man!) to help make the day a bit easier to take.

Good luck fixing it all -- nothing like home ownership to keep your bank account on its toes.

Brighid said...

Wow, and here I thought my life was interesting, if a bit bumpy.

Peggy said...

Awe Hope;

Water messes are the worst.
Good thing you were able to suck all that water.
Sharing these bumps in the road with us will be good karma for next week. You'll see.
PS I think your spelling idea has a lot of merit. From now on I'm only spelling "computer sucks"
Hopefully my computer can't spell.
Have a wonderful evening.
I'm having a bourbon with Thom, join us!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

What a horrible thing to come home and find. Glad no one was hurt, lucky you have the Hoover to clean up all that Water. Nice that Thom's parcel arrived on the same day so as you had something nice to open.

jabblog said...

That's a nasty surprise to come home to.