Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Headline I never thought I'd see

Like many folks, I get a variety of news updates in my e-mail.  The one I got at lunch today made me do a double take.

Vatican Bank faces money-laundering probe

Say what?!   I knew the Catholic church had problems, but I never dreamed the day would come when the Bank of Italy would be pointing fingers at the Catholic church.  The article stated, "It is not entirely clear how much legal authority Italian officials have over the Vatican Bank, since the Vatican is technically a sovereign state."
Really?  Well, that would explain that pedophile stuff which keeps popping up.  But money laundering?  Does anyone else hear the theme from "The Sopranos" playing?

I didn't even KNOW the Vatican had a bank.  Hey, I was raised Baptist.  We don't have a bank.   I learned today that the "Vatican Bank was created by an order of the pope 'to carry on activities that are for pious causes'". 

I'm afraid to hear what they define as a pious cause.
Their transgression, concerning 2 transactions totaling $30 million, caught the Bank of Italy's eye.  But when Italian Bankers stepped forward to report it to authorities, they were advised judicial authorities were already looking into it. You can read all about it here.

Two things came to mind:
1.  To whom do they confess?
2.  Who's in charge of getting out that hand basket destined for hell?


Anonymous said...

Money is the root of all evil. Where doesn't this happen? It seems like it is everywhere now days. You pose two great questions. I'm afraid of the answers.

Titus said...

Ah hope, don't tell me you missed the Calvi case back in 1982? Mind, it did happen in London, but a host of books and films and conspiracy theories followed, and follow still.
May as well start here;

Huge discussion to be had here about the Church and money (and not just the Roman Catholic Church) but I'll suffice with saying I like your two things.

Monkey Man said...

Do as we say not as we do. Holy shit...and I do mean it. Religion is business and not a very clean one. What a great story. Wish I would have found that one for my "What the Hell Wednesday" post. You have me beaten hands down.

steven said...

hello, to add more to your knowledge of the unfortunate associations of the vatican bank with less than scupulous dealings then google the name "roberto calvi" as titus suggests! i recall that all too well. large organizations have an unfortunate ability to attract qulaities of energy to them that run counter to the organization's original and often well-advertised intentions! steven

savannah said...

i wondered what took so long? the church has so much to answer for. xoxoxoxo

hope said...

Thom, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Titus, at first glance I can't say I do remember the Calvi case but I'll be reading up on it. It's sad when "institutions" made people with good hearts look bad.

Monkey Man...I guess history repeats itself with new twists.

steven...you and Titus have me curious, which means I'll follow that up!

savannah...it just boggles the mind.

hope said...

Okay Professors Titus and steven: I just finished reading and this DID ring a bell! The name didn't stick but I saw a documentary last year in which this was reenacted. Weird world we live in sometimes.

Brian Miller said...

some great questions there..just blows my mind...