Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For Savannah Marsh Mama

Savannah kindly provided a visual for those of you living on the other side of the pond to illustrate exactly WHAT that Over/Under toilet paper discussion was all about.   I think you're now ready to progress to Lesson #2.

And I think she'll back me on this one.  Before you can even get to the decision making process, there has to be a roll  present.  Probably 9 out of 10 married women will tell you that THEY are the ones who ensure there is  even a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

This is the shelf over the toilet in Hubby's bathroom.  Please pay attention to the little heart shape in the lower left hand corner.  (I apologize for the quality of the photo but my camera's flash decided to go on strike, leaving me with um....odd angles).

And again, close up.

Case closed.  Or it should be.  

Now where did I put that roll of toilet paper?


Susan at Stony River said...

Too true!

And thank heavens for that Toothpaste Fairy who always leaves out a new tube of toothpaste, when the old one runs out...


savannah said...

are we married to brothers who were separated at birth????? xoxoxoxoxox

Larry said...

Oh My Busted out laughing

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. OVER!!!!!!! BTW I take it you didn't see my 1000th commentor for September!!!!! OVER!!!!!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Very Funny Hope, I guess that 1 fellow out of 10 lived on his own first.

Thanks again for the DVD's, I watched two films and started a third.

Nessa said...

That is priceless. I should a picture of the sign i had to put up in the ladies room at work. It says, Please be kind and leave some paper for my behind.

hope said...

Susan, it's amazing we um...fairies...remember to get everything done. ;)

savannah...I think it's a man thing. I saw the sign somewhere, it made me giggle so I made my own!

Are you guilty Larry? :)

Thom...I did! I just had an ISP issue which didn't let me comment.

Bill....you're most welcome. Hope you found some good surprises!

Nessa...bathroom signs can be so funny!

debra said...

Add finishing the last 1/8" of juice in the carton,and the last 3 flakes in the cereal box to the list. And the toothpaste---yes, that, too.

philason said...

Believe it or not, I'm the ONLY one who put a new roll on the holder! :¬)

Have a look at my new (other) blog. www.philason.blogspot.com
(No, still haven't learned how to link!)


mapstew said...

Yes, that's ME up above, I did have hair once! :¬)


Titus said...

Thank you, Eryl.
From women everywhere.

Titus said...

and, er, "hubby's bathrooom"?

Ponita in Real Life said...

Obviously, since I live alone, I am the one who keeps replacing the roll, although Lila does like to *use* the paper (and I use that term loosely), much to my annoyance!

My beau was just telling me tonight he can't believe how fast he goes through the TP when I am around. I don't think I overuse, but I sure don't want damp fingers when I'm done.... Although he tells me that's what the sink is for - to wash up afterwards!

hope said...

Sorry those who commented later...you'll see in today's post why I didn't get back to the computer until now.

Map, I'll be checking your new site.

Titus; technically it would be the "Guest Bathroom" but I think of it as Hubby's as that's his um...Reading Library. ;)

Ponita, that's because men have the luxury of doing SOME of their business without paperwork. ;)