Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday 55

It's time to play "Write a story in 55 words".   When you do, be sure to let the G-Man know. 

Self explanatory

Seniors' favorite Nurse retires. 

Auntie’s Banker retires.

Electricity retires.  
Business phone follows suit.

Still employed.   
Hold on for 8 hours.  

Laundry.   Again.  
Pollen’s back.  Again.  
Calling for thunderstorms.  Again.  

Write Microfiction Monday.  
Funny illustration. 

Note to self 
Labors of love trump working for money.


Brian Miller said...

they do tend to be that way...i take it you got your phone and power back?

Jingle said...

fun 55.

Monkey Man said...

What a week! Amen to the last line. My 55 is HERE .

Eric Alder said...

Here's to a better week next week!

Anonymous said...

Love it! (the 55, not the bad week described therein). And I so agree with your final statement (note to self).

PattiKen said...

This is so clever! I love it. Hope next week is better.

Anonymous said...

Talk about Sassy!!! Well done and this is brilliant. And to think next week we start it all over again. Well minus hopefully some of the crappy things LOL. Excellent 55. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

A Week in the Life of Our Hope. Here's hoping Next Week is much better and quieter for you.

Nessa said...

This was very clever. I enjoyed it and I agree.

Cheryl said...

I couldn't agree more with your final assessment. Tough week and great 55.

Mine's up (55) Fifteen is far too young . . .

G-Man said...

This was such an original 55 Idea!
Thank you so much for this little bit of brilliance.
You Rock....
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

John's comments said...

Don't you just have to be saintly when you're told how we so enjoy it now how hobby is our job. Thanks for commenting on my Do not gently into the night post. Sorry for the delay but stranded at the seaside with pioneer levels of internet access.

Buzzard said...

The last line reminds me of why I retired.

KB said...

Sounds like the week I had.

Mine’s here.

Titus said...

Oh, perfect! That final line!