Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Once more, into the windshield.

Before I could enter the building this afternoon, the Summer Program kids had the walls vibrating. The older woman who I relieve handed me forms as I walked in, then winced while instructing me to give them to the kids on their way home. I nodded. Her wince deepened and she seemed to brace for impact. What could be so bad? We only had 2 more days to go.

She stared mutely at the paper in my hand.

It read, "The Summer Program has been extended for 2 more weeks."

Insert every rude word and inappropriate phrase you've ever heard HERE.

No, I didn't say them out loud. But I thought a few.

Is it an omen that the program now ends on Friday the 13th?

Today the kids were the worst yet, as if they'd been main lining sugar and drinking Bull of Red for days on end with no sleep. The more the other worker [newly turned 21 and working on gray hairs already thanks to the kids] and I instructed them to behave, the louder they got. When I announced I WOULD NOT tolerate this behavior for another two weeks, the older ones appeared puzzled. The young worker explained our program had been expanded.

Miss 21 leaves on FRIDAY, as her job is completed. As she was cleaning this afternoon, she looked at me with sorrow and said, "I just want you to know that those evil big boys [ages 13-16] know I'll be gone after Friday. They said they plan to 'Go Wild' on you Monday because they think you'll be all alone."

Problem is, I just might be. That Center's Director is out with back problems and not scheduled to return until mid August.

Insult to injury? The Sheriff's Dept., in an attempt to "make friends" with these future juvenile delinquents they will probably one day arrest, presented the older boys today with a pair of brand new, BIG brand name sneakers for school. So the boys picked up their new sneakers, sneered at me and I could see the wheels turning.

I'm afraid they're in for a new lesson. Never underestimate the determination of one small, over worked, under paid, on the edge matter how much taller you are then she. Because bottom line is, you keep it up, I write you up and out the door you go. Permanently.

Sadly, for doing the right thing I know I'll be watching over my shoulder and checking the air pressure in my tires for weeks to come.


Susan at Stony River said...

Jeeeeez -- who's idea was that? I'd be so tempted to call in sick Monday...

If I didn't have monster problems of my own up here, I'd be so tempted to drive down and join the 'fun' with you, just to lend a hand at least. Good luck, and I hope next week brings you a nice surprise instead of whatever those boys might plan!

hope said...


It actually helps to vent with y'all. And it's probably cheaper than going to jail for doing what I'd like to do to the little rats. :)

Hope things your way clear up soon too!

Titus said...

Aaargh. I wish it was easy to post husbands, because I'd sent you your own personal enforcement officer if I could.
Wasn't it an American President that said "Speak softly and carry a big stick", or have I just made that up?

Love and strength to you.

Monkey Man said...

sounds like a dang nasty situation. I am feeling for you.

mapstew said...

Leave now and join my hiking troupe!

My teenagers just finished 3 weeks work as co-ordinators at a summer camp. For crap money, with kids who mostly didn't want to be there!

I did something similar in my teens. AS A VOLOUNTEER! I still don't know why. Maybe that's why I have no hair?

Would you like me to have another beer for you? Yes? OK then.
(It's almost the weekend, hang in!) :¬)


hope said...

Titus I do appreciate the offer...I can imagine the looks on those kids faces just hearing a different accent command them to BE QUIET! :)

Monkey Man...a heartfelt thank you.

Map..don't tempt me. :) And yes, make it another in a VERY TALL GLASS! (I don't think they make bottles large enough).

hope said...
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Brighid said...

Be serene and ignore the trouble makers. If they get no response, they may just decide it's no fun harrassing you.

Jingle said...

hope that you enjoy one or two awards there.
Happy End of July!