Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Days You're The Windshield...

...some days you're the bug.

So far this week, I've been both.

Kindly bear with me as I try to straighten out the mess I've inherited called paperwork...all as a result of being appointed Personal Representative of Auntie's estate.

If you love your family, don't die on them. If you truly love them, figure everything out ahead of time and NEVER leave it to the bank to decide.


Map, kindly go have a beer for me, will ya? I'm too tired to start drinking now.

Hopefully we will resume normal programming by week's end. After all, only 3 more days of the evil Summer Program and it's over!



Monkey Man said...

You sound exhausted. May all turn out well for you and ease come back into your life.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope, I can somehow imagine what you are going through. After my Mum died, I had to tend to everything, the horror stories with the Credit Union.

It does eventually get better and things seem to sort themselves out.

I've said a prayer for you.

Susan at Stony River said...

What a big big job - good luck getting through it all and you know you're in a lot of prayers meanwhile! Here's to far fewer 'bug' days ahead, for both of us!

mapstew said...

A beer? Well OK, but only 'cos it's you!

(Ma decided last weeek that she was gonna give all her money away(poor dear, it's not a lot, and she had it all in her room!). She insisted each one of us got an envelope with cash in it.)

Another beer I think! And one for you. :¬)


Ponita in Real Life said...

Hope, I certainly hope you and the bank get things figured out quickly. But having a will and having lots of things divided up, etc and lots of stuff given to us kids already still meant many months of the accountant and Canada Revenue going back and forth on the taxes owed on all her investments. The end result of which was the accountant had not held back enough money to pay all the taxes after he split the inheritance six ways, and we each ended up paying about $2500 each to complete her final tax return.

We had a big celebration when we finally got the letter that it was complete! What a massive headache!

Peggy said...


I feel for you my friend.
Paperwork can drive you mad as a hatter.
Love love the windshield comparison.

hope said...

Monkey Man, I am. But sometimes telling y'all just reminds me that I'm human...and that's an okay thing to be. :)

Bill, I'm just frustrated because the laws changed after Dad died 15 years ago...his estate took 4 months, this one will take 8. But prayers are always welcome!

Susan, do you know where you and I can purchase GIANT size cans of Stop Bugging Me spray? :)

Map, just don't drink and drive. That's my only rule. It'll be a BIG glass, right? ;)

Pon, what you're saying is EXACTLY why I keep trying to slow down my siblings, who want to know why I don't just write them a check now. Because if I did and bills came up, they'd expect me to fix it...without their money. :)

Peggy, you folks make my day and remind me that one day, things will be as close to normal as I can tolerate. :)