Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 55

It's time to play "Write a story in 55 words". When you do, be sure to let the G-Man know, then kindly visit as many 55ers as you can. I hope to do more visiting this time!


Goes AWOL.

Vetoes education programs.
Allows has-been wrestler to shill "education lottery".

Vetoes increase of nation's lowest cigarette tax.
Funds were for health care.

Gives Highest award to Baseball coach...
for winning college world series.

Won't sign budget.
Agencies can't work.

job is difficult.

Don't cry to me,
go back to Argentina.

I apologize for being in rant mode. When I got to work this morning, I discovered that my part-time worker can't work for the next 3 days because our Governor failed to sign the budget in a "timely manner" [meaning July 1] and her employment program had no funds left. Yes, this is the same embarrassing dolt who ran off to play with his mistress in Argentina. His idea of a progressive move in a tight economy was to proclaim July 1st "Baseball Appreciation Day" after the College World Series win. It's not a proud moment. And I bet my worker feels cheated for having watched that stupid baseball game.

Fortunately some of his vetoes have been overridden [cigarette tax] because State Representatives have actually found their collective backbone this year and are working to override more of his nonsense right now. I swear a trained monkey could do a better job.

His wife was the lucky one...she got to divorce him. We can't kick him out of
the Mansion until November.


savannah said...

and i thought sonny perdue was an idiot, until y'alls boy took center stage! these boys take the south back further than we ever want to go, sugar! xoxoxo

John's comments said...

Calm down dear, its only a politician

( PS if you went eh? then listen to this college remix to get the reference!)

My 55 Here

Larry said...

I totally agree with you one hundred percent Hope and yes he needs to go back home and he will just not soon enough.

I'm posted also just follow the link below.


Thanks for reading

G-Man said...

Argentina? Mistress?
I thought he went for an Appalachian hike?...Go figure.
Excellent political commentary Hope!
Love your 55!
Thanks for playing...
Have a Kick Ass week-End, and God Bless America!

Monkey Man said...

Our nation's politicians are innept and corrupt. The lot of them. Why not rant? Rants beget action. Action begets change. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Anonymous said...

Politics seems to be the same all over the place. Isn't it disgusting. And you hope my friend that you can kick his ass out in November. Let's hope the idiot voters do something new and different: VOTE! LOL Great 55. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

hope said...

Savannah, except for the grief she'll get, I almost hope the female candidate wins!

John...going to go listen now. :)

Larry, don't you just wish you could send idiots like this back home to their Mama? Reading you soon.

G-Man, take a hike isn't quite strong enough. :)

Thanks Monkey Man. You wanna take a go at being the Governor? :)

Thom the only good thing is he WILL be gone because he can only "serve" for two terms. 8 years is more than enough!

Alice Audrey said...

What a flaming idiot. Vote him out!

My 55 is here

mapstew said...

Weirdly enough, OUR politicians are the same! How feckin' funky is that? And WE put them where they are! Makes a fella want to move to Mars! :¬)


Susan at Stony River said...

ROFL, I love love LOVE that last line!

But boy do I hate politics: how do we stand these people?

Peter Stone said...

Ah, politicians. What frightens me is that we let them run our nations. What frightens me even more is what would happen if there was no government at all...