Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fly the um...informative skies

I'll admit it. The only flying I've ever done was with a neighbor in a small Cessna when I was a kid...and it didn't go well. When we went to land, the guy on the runway was flagging us down and making all sorts of odd movements worthy of charades. I was only 8, my neighbor 9 and her Dad was the pilot. I was short, so I was leaning against the door and she was leaning against me...and the seat belt wouldn't fit around us both, so we didn't use it. Not until we saw the guy on the ground doing the airline equivalent of the Hokey-Pokey [sing along..."and you turn yourself around"] as he ran towards us did we figure out what was wrong; the door wasn't shut completely and it wasn't locked! We'd been leaning against it the whole time. Kid sized bodies saved us, I guess.

The only other time I flew was with my father-in-law in the helicopter he used for crop-dusting. Long story short, it's like putting two folding chairs side by side and placing a cake cover over the top of you. AND he took the doors it would be more fun.

Truth is, I've never traveled anywhere where flying was a necessity. But after seeing this plane today on, at least I'd be tempted to fly with them because they have a sense of humor. This is one of the planes from the South American airline kulula.

This plane is called the "Flying 101" because the whole plane diagrams what's what. Gotta like an airline which refers to the Captain as "The big cheese". Note to the poets amongst you what's listed below that caption. And who knew the "Black box" was really orange?

For more photos of their crazy paint jobs, go here.

The friendly skies just got funnier.


Susan at Stony River said...

I LOVE their planes -- we saw one at an airport once and just cracked up.

Your open-door story turned my hair all white by the way -- I can't imagine (nope, don't want to, won't picture it, la la la la la ...)

steven said...

hope! that's so fun! i thin my favourite is the "this way up" plane. great story about your own plane experience - isn't it great being a kid!!!! steven

mapstew said...

I prefer boats!

I've done the 20 hour trips to mainland Europe many times over the 2 hour flight! One can get so much more beer 'on board'! :¬)


Larry said...

Love the story and the picture of the jet also.
thanks for stopping by I appreciate your loyalty.


Hey thanks for reading and for your comments also.

Peggy said...

No kidding(I agree with Susan)
I would never get on another plane and my hair would be all white too.

Ok not going to talk about that anymore. Oh...I also didn't know that black boxes were orange.

The plane mad me laugh.
Thanks for that Hope. I can always count on you.