Saturday, July 31, 2010

And I See....

Susan was once kind enough to share a link to Dover Publications, which allowed me to sign up for a weekly free e-mail which comes with sample pages. They range from vintage artwork, to puzzles to my favorite: coloring pages.

Coloring pages are the answer to how you tame Summer Program children. If the page has a challenge to it, that's even better. Here's what we did today and it instantly made me think of Titus. :)

The caption reads
"The X-ray machine shows what Gigantosaurus had for lunch.
Draw a picture of this meal."

Well, for once they quit screaming long enough to be creative. Here's a list of what they "drew" in old Dino's stomach. I only wish you could see those illustrations!

The most popular included Bones, Cavemen and for some reason, Chickens. They added water [hey, he needed something to wash it all down with!], then more um...creative ideas. They went from interesting (Rubber Ball, Bread, Dino Egg, Watermelon, Grass, Lizard, Frog and Rock) to just plain weird: a Rock, Tire, Door, Chair, Trash, Trashcan, Water Fountain and a Shirt.

My favorites included vegetables, (Green Beans, Broccoli and Asparagus), Dessert (Chocolate and Cookies) and oddities like Magnets, Balloons and a T.V.. The one which made me laugh hardest was the kid who said, "These are a caveman's pants...whaddya call that?" So an orange loincloth was in the mix.

But the best thing of all was the kid who not only refused to color his Dino green like everyone else, his dinosaur had a different color for every body part. And yes, there was a story. You see, the Dino was very hungry one day and he ate...a Rainbow. And over time, all the colors leaked out into his skin.

Yeah, they do have their moments.


Jerry said...

How wonderfully imaginative. I wonder if they could tell a story about how the dinosaur came to eat whatever it was they said. I especially want to hear the rainbow story.

Titus said...

Love it!
And yes, that rainbow story is very special indeed.

Luckier children than they know. Will copy...

Charlie said...

I like the rainbow story too.

I know what I would have drawn in the dino's stomach:

Ronald McDonald.

hope said...

Jerry: that kid is 7 going on 45! :) We'll play Charades and the other kids yell "Pass!" if they're clueless. This little guy looks at me, throws a hand up in the air and states sage, "I got nothing!" You'd love his drawings: they all feature clouds and the last cloud is always an animal. I asked why and he said, "Because we look at them to see shapes!". :) Him I'll miss.

Ah Titus, can't wait to see what your 2 come up with. :)

Charlie I think you'd like the kid who came up with the Caveman's loincloth. I swear he looks like an all American poster boy from the 1950s: strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and as many freckles as me. :) said...

rainbow skin!!! impressive!