Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cultivating a New Look

I've been a busy little bee.

Yesterday I discovered the new Blogger templates but I didn't have time to play.

And now I have.

I hope I'll still like it tomorrow. If you find it annoying, please let me know. Personally, I like the "cleaner green" look. After all for me, it's suppose to be about the words and sometimes pictures, not the flashy stuff surrounding it.

Now if I can only get use to the fact I changed my screen resolution too, I might be all right before I tackle another round of "Handling Auntie's estate stuff".

Man, did she ever have some stuff!


savannah said...

y'all have to do what works best, sugar, and at y'alls own speed. i've been in slight avoidance mode, too! hang in there, sister. xoxoxoxo

(btw, i like the new look!)

Jingle said...

it looks fresh and cool!
I like your new dress!

Janie B said...

Great new look!

steven said...

i like the look. i'm not going to do any flipping of appearance just yet myself but i like the look of some of the options!!! steven

Radge said...

I'd stretch the banner out at the top if possible, but that aside I prefer it. Good work.

Charlie said...

I like it!

hope said...

Thanks Savannah!

Jingle, that's a cool way of looking at it.

Thanks Janie B. Now if only I'll get some time to play!

steven, I was beyond hesitant at first. But I have to get use to my changing to a new screen resolution...everything's smaller.

Radge: I've tried centering it but alas, I am computer illiterate. Guess I'll wait a week and try that part again. :)

Thanks Charlie!

Larry said...

just wanted to stop by and gauk at the new changes I heard it was like you turned the lights on everything looks great.

mapstew said...


(Hope you are good!) And, hope, you are good! :¬)


Peggy said...

Nice job Hope, I love it.
I have been playing with the new templates too. I still have more work to do and no time for a few days. Oh well, I also had a ton of laundry to do today and looks like that will have to wait too!
Too bad, so sad!
Have a nice Sunday my friend!

Jerry said...

You are gutsy foolin' around with this stuff. I dare to touch anything template-wise....I have a remarkable ability to screw things up royally.

But, my dear, you did good!

hope said...

Larry, I hate the tech side of computers but this was amazingly simple.

Thanks Map. Hopefully it'll stay the way I left it. ;)

Thanks Peggy. I probably spent more time fussing with title colors than anything. (There's pretty green and then there's yuck green!)

Jerry they actually made this easy enough for me to try. But yes, I did hold my breath while trying it.

Elisabeth said...

Oh dear, everyone's busy changing things. It makes me think I should try too, but I'm conservative when it comes to these things.

Soon my template will be modern for its retro look.

Your new one is wonderful. As you say - clean and green. Thanks.

Susan at Stony River said...

I love it! Looks clean and light, very nice for summer.

And I left the house Saturday morning and STILL didn't mail you something that's been destined for you, over a week now... *sigh* I promise, eventually! Or one of us will make the visit and I can deliver in person LOL. Just tell me when!

Radge said...

I've followed suit, though I'd like to think I'm still down and dirty.

hope said...

Why thank you Elisabeth! Trust me, I'm computer phobic when it comes to messing with this stuff!

Susan, no worries. It'll just give me something to look forward to when I escape the Summer Program each afternoon. :)

Thanks Radge...coming to visit right now.

pilgrimchick said...

I noticed the new controls myself, and I'd love to give them a try--those who have done so have really produced much more professional-looking blogs--yours looks great.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I like your New Look Hope, Stunning, Don't change a thing.

hope said...

pilgrimchick, if I can do it, ANYONE can. :)

Thanks Bill. How's the new job going?

Jingle said...

I value your blogging friendship!