Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation Update

I'd like to say I've just been sitting back, being lazy. Or on a mountain top, centering my soul. Perhaps on a secluded island, with no electronic devices.

Nope. The closest I've gotten to an island is watching the series finale of "LOST".

So far we've had Auntie's car fixed and Hubby's truck once again has air conditioning. I went to the local Genealogy Archives, which was part of my vacationing plan as they are not open on Saturdays. They have the one book I needed to check so I could continue my family tree research this week. Yes, I actually find that relaxing.

When I drove up, notebook at the ready, my anticipation drained away as my eyes came in contact with a sign, "Closed for Renovations." I went next door to the Library, found a couple of useful books (but not the one I needed), then inquired as to when the Archives might be open. They didn't have a clue, but gave me the phone number. As I sat in my car, parked behind the Archives, I called the number, hoping to get a recording telling me when people were allowed inside again.

Imagine my surprise when a real, live person answered.

Unfortunately, the Archives is in a historic building and you can't just throw up some sheet rock, paint and call it renovated. They'll be closed to the public for months, although they did offer to help me, in a limited way. Why all I had to do was send them an e-mail with my question and when they weren't busy, they'd do their best to look it up. If the book hadn't been packed for storage during the renovation.

Does anyone else find it ironic that I drove 15 miles to look at books...only to sit outside and be told on the phone I needed to send them an e-mail?

Reboot. And try your vacation again.

Problem is, although I've taken a vacation from my desk, I still have a house that follows me around, begging for attention. I'm pretending to be deaf but occasionally I hear it. I have, however, instructed the Laundry not to speak to me until Saturday. If then.

So I gave the house a little attention until the flowers outside clamored for their turn. This morning I made strawberry jam and canned it... to remind me in winter that vacation was a good thing. And then I decided to sit down and e-mail the Archives about that book which is dodging me.

Which is when I saw my camera. Oh, how easily side tracked are the vacationing.

I downloaded the photos: some which I'd actually taken to share here...and steven will figure out which ones. And then there was "Bou's Story" which suddenly came to life. Since he's been giving me the evil eye since we left him at home this morning to run to the post office, bank and hardware store, guess he'll get top billing. Here we go.

It all began with the last Archery Tournament, where I'd taken numerous pictures. I sat on the grass outside Hubby's Archery Shop to review them while Walter the Guard Mockingbird yelled at me to get off his lawn. As you can see, he ignored my advice to not sit on the practice targets, so I ignored his.

Along came Smokey and Bou, to see what I was doing.
They appear to think it's cool I like to sit on the ground...just like them.

This is Bou, our youngest kid.
(Oh, you laugh but HE's the one who believes he's a person).
Although in people year's he's close to his mid 40s,
his chronological age of 6 is closer to describing his personality.
And he's a mischievous 6 year old at that.
As you can see, the first thing he did was try to look
at me through the lens.

Smokey, on the other hand
knows what nice days with a cool breeze are for.

Bou kept trying to look at me through the lens
so I finally turned the camera around to show him
what I was looking at.
I know, but he's like that.
It's the doggy equivalent of a kid's "Why?"
It's easier to go, "See? Nothing here."

He leaned in closer...his big body threatening to bowl me over.
I jokingly said, "If you want to use the camera, just ask."

Yep, I let him "use" it.
Putting the view finder up to his eye in the direction he was looking,
I snapped a shot.
No, that's not the grass growing greener over the septic tank.
It's where the picnic table, to the right,
had been sitting during our mini-drought.

Of course one shot wasn't enough.
Bou insisted on a second shot.
That's our pump house...
remember we live in the Country
and our water comes out of a well.
I did this same camera experiment
with my nephew when he was six.
Amazingly, he and Bou take similar photos.

My "on purpose" shots came courtesy
of my kitchen violets
who seemed to know I was on vacation
as they all bloomed at once.
This box holds a white & purple bloomer on the left
and a pink & purple speckled lovely on the right.

Close up of Miss Speckled

The other one has tripled in size since I re-potted it
and so I need to divide it again
to move it over to the empty side of the flower box.

A close up....for steven

So now, if you don't mind, I'm going to try and go find the
LAZY portion of my vacation.

Bou has promised to show me how to just sit....
and breathe.


savannah said...

the last line is the best, sugar! just breathe... oxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

The vacationing are very easily side tracked. Love all the photos my friend and thanks for sharing all of this :)

Susan at Stony River said...

What a bummer -- I like research too!

But the photos are gorgeous. I hope the vacation turns out great anyhow!

mapstew said...


(I stayed in bed an extra hour today to finish a book! And guess what, everything was grand!) :¬)


Monkey Man said...

Too bad about the resource center being closed. Love the pics. Had a chocolate lab....good dog. Loved beer.

hope said...

Savannah, with the pollen nearly gone, I might just be able to do that. :)

Thom, it's probably a condition brought on by working with senior citizens...glad you liked the photos.

Ah Susan, I knew you'd understand! How's things in your end of the country?

Map, I need to find a decent book. As you can see, my luck with books this week hasn't been good. :)

Monkey Man: those two are father and son....I thought Smokey was big until Bou came along! Better not tell Bou about the beer....right now he has to eat cottage cheese and yogurt to counteract the side effects of his antibiotic. Yuck!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I am sure your Vacation will be Happy. I have the same problem with the Laundry talking to me, usually when I find I need socks or something more important.

Loved the pictures, Gotta Love Spring.

Charlie said...

"Bou has promised to show me how to just sit....and breathe." And drool? I think everyone on vacation should drool by napping a lot.

And don't you dare touch the laundry. If you need something important, just turn it inside out like I used to in college (beer money was waaaay more important than laundry money).

hope said...

Bill, I'm going to pretend the laundry is a politician..and ignore it. :)

Gee Charlie, why didn't I think of that? ;)

Titus said...

Oh, what a treat! Loved Bou's shots - the boy has talent - and I'm enamoured of the violets. What absolute beauties!

And yes, the last line is the best. Sit, breathe. And maybe just a little drooling.