Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry, no 55 this week

I just don't have it in me this week; too many chores, many work related.

Besides, on Friday it's back to Funny Land with the Auntie for an appointment with the REAL head shrinking doctor rather than Surly Intake Woman.

On the "bright" side, if that appointment goes like last time, at least you'll get a good story out of it. Stay tuned for the next installment of "hope and the Hysterical Giggler"


"Run boys, he's about to erupt again!"

Hey, if I don't engage my sense of humor, they'll be fitting me for one of those jackets with the arms that tie in the back. :)

Good weekend all!


Anonymous said...

LOL Have a good one :)

Jingle said...

enjoy a relaxing weekend.
thanks for the update and honest reflections of your household.

take care.

Monkey Man said...

Great fun. Will miss you 55 but look forward to a bit of hilarity.

savannah said...

it was the neurologist today, sugar! i so feel y'all's pain! xoxoxo

mapstew said...

So, today I had to buy a new washing machine, and a fridge, and the boiler went fucked! On the up side, I got well drunk! :¬)


hope said...

Oh Thom I tried, but'll read if for yourself.

Jingle, relaxing is the one thing I'd LOVE to do this weekend!

Monkey Man: I hope the next post makes you smile.

savannah I thought of you Friday'll see why.

Mapstew, is it too late for me to take up drinking? Never mind. I fear I'd turn into a mean drunk after today's mess.