Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 55....Plus

It's time to play "Write a story in 55 words ". When you do, be sure to let the G-Man know, then visit as many of these folks as you can. I know, I know, it's been a couple of weeks. You'll see why.

They sat in the waiting room.

A handsome black gentleman walked by, nodding good morning.

“Hope he’s not a doctor,” the old woman mumbled.

I sighed at our generational difference in attitudes.

And then it was our turn.

“I’m Dr. O,” the man offered.

The old woman stared.

“Interesting accent,” I smiled at him.


So there you have it. Both a Friday 55 and Part 3 of “Adventures with Auntie”.

Yes, it’s all true….the handsome gentleman turned out to be her doctor. Sadly, the stroke has altered Auntie’s perception to the point she often says things that perhaps in the past she would've kept to herself. To be polite. She would never purposely hurt anyone. Yet I still find myself shocked when such an ugly, old south attitude raises it’s head. But she’s 80 and that’s the way things were in her generation. To this day she STILL believes men know more than women. Sigh.

Guess that gave Doc half a chance.

So to the update: Her ride was on time. Doc was 15 minutes late. Auntie could still earn an Academy award for her continuing performance of “I was depressed, but now I’m not.” I was asked to stay, which presents a conundrum: the idea is to allow her private access to freely share her feelings with a stranger. My staying seems like an intrusion. Considering that she merely stared at Doc for the first 5 minutes, I guess it was good he at least had me to talk to.

Turned out between Doc’s accent and the word mangling left from her stroke, I became the equivalent of an U.N. translator. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Erring on the side of caution, so I wouldn’t earn my own medication, I smiled and interjected myself only when necessary. Like when Doc heard the answer to his question, “Why were you feeling depressed?” as “I’m tired of resisting.” I saw a puzzled look in his eye and before he could voice interest in exactly what she was resisting, I kinda butt in. I’d heard her answer and it was important.

Because for once, she was telling the truth.

“You know,” I said, turning towards her, a fellow sinus sufferer, “my ears are all blocked up today with this pollen. Would you please say that again?”

She nodded understandingly. She’s perhaps the only person on the planet who uses as much tissue as I do. Trees probably cower at the mere mention of our names.

In a very strong, clear voice she repeated, “I’m tired of existing.”

The light dawned in Doc’s eyes and he scribbled a new note.

Who wouldn’t be? I thought to myself, offering her a smile. She took my reaction to mean she’d done well and grinned as if she’d received an A+ on her report card.

I suddenly seemed to have something in my eye. Now where’s that darn box of tissues when you need them?


Anonymous said...

Love the 55. Boy the differences in the generations. And the Adventures with Auntie is excellent. :) I love how you ended this one :) Have a wonderful Friday :)

Brian Miller said...

oh man...i probably would have got something in my eye as well...nice 55. i have a gramma that is kinda the same way. makes for a few awkward situations....

hope you have a great weekend. my 55 is up!

Charlie said...

A tough and unenviable position, Hope, but you do it because you are a people-helper and you love your aunt.

Hats off to you.

Titus said...

Lovely 55 - underplayed beautifully, and the hand not revealed till the last.

As to Auntie. Yes, there's something in my eye too.

G-Man said...

You bridged the gap well Hope...
Excellent 55 My Friend.
Glad you are back this week.
Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...galen

Fay's Too said...

That reminds me of a time during my father's dieing process, when my mother commented on my dad's new beloved doctor. "He's Black, but I don't think he's a Negro." Actually, he didn't even have an accent, was born and raised in the USA.

Jingle said...

enjoyed the humor in it...

hope said...

Thanks is the official beginning of my vacation! Even if it's just a vacation away from my desk and other people's work, it's fine by me. :)

Brian: you are so right. Working with seniors you'd think nothing would shock me. And yet relatives have that way.... ;)

Thanks Charlie! Comments like that make me take a deep breath and trudge on when the weight seems too much.

Titus, I'll lend you a tissue...and I won't tell the trees. ;)

G-Man: I've missed you folks! And this bit of creativity gave me a 2 for 1 shot. Thanks!

Fay Too's: can you hear me laughing from here? I probably pushed it a little when the Doc asked if there was any history of psychological problems in our family and I answered with a smile, "Only a warped sense of humor." :) Welcome aboard!

savannah said...

y'all know what i'm thinking, sugar! ((((hope)))

have a GREAT vacation. xoxoxoxox

hope said...

Thanks Sav...LOVE the new haircut, as much as I admire the woman's gift behind it. :)

Mojo said...

Oh man... this resonated. Change "Auntie" to "Nanny" (my father's mother who for some reason could never quite handle "Granny" or "Grandma" or any of the other derivatives of "Grandmother") and rewind a few years and I can imagine having that same conversation. Exactly the same. Both of them in fact. The 55 and the back story.

To (not) answer your question about the flowers in my photo, I have no idea what they are either. I'm horribly botanically challenged. I suspect they came from a tree of some kind, since that's what was around the bird bath. But I have no idea what kind.

Peggy said...

Loved your story Hope, like usual it was told from the heart.
I have an extra box of kleenex for next time if needed.
Have a nice evening my frined.

Ponita in Real Life said...

You're a star, Hope! You got her to say what she meant so that he could understand it without anyone having to ask more questions... As my mum would say - you're a good egg! Have a great vacation... you deserve it!

hope said...

Mojo, think it's a southern thing? Or an older generational southern thing? :) I feel for ya! (And my Mom opted for "Nana" when it came time to be a grandmother) ;) Thanks for trying to identify the flowers...I'll go look again.

You're a good woman, Peggy. Although the trees may start looking at you funny. ;)

Thanks Pon! Coming from you that means an "extra" boost of happy. It always makes me feel better to know someone in the medical community gets that I'm trying to help, not interfere. Have a great week!

Susan at Stony River said...

Awww, poor Auntie. Such a way to feel.

I hope the pollen eases up on you two, and that the spring brings her some genuine joy before it's over!