Monday, April 12, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where a picture paints 140 characters... or even fewer. Make sure you let Susan know you played.

This week's photo.

Swim or wait?

Oh, I look GOOD!
Water’s pretty.
Looks warm.

What if it’s cold?

Not like I'm a member of the Polar Bear Club.



steven said...

i've often wondered if animals and birds feel the cold the way we do as almost as much an emotional reaction as a physical response? steven

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Now how cool is that?
A thinking and talking swan?
I think they do understand us though!
Excellent MM!
Happy MM!
Have you an awesome week!
Mine is here


Brighid said...

Perfect caption, lol, setting the tone for the day!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! Smart bird if you ask me. LOL Love this and it's a wonderful take on the photo my friend. :) Have a great Monday :)

juliana said...

this fella reminds me of me ;)
great microfiction!

Grandma said...

Someone should teach him the trial toe dip. No need to plunge in.

My Microfiction

Titus said...

Oh, that made me laugh!
Especially the "Oh, I look GOOD!".
I heard the swan's voice instantly!

Peggy said...


Must be a female swan. Males would have jumped first and asked questions later.
Loved it my friend!

Sylvia Morice said...

Every Jan 1 here people in the "Polar Bear" club jump into icy water, and every Jan 1 I think," Thank goodness I'm not a polar bear!" Great MM!

mapstew said...

I fancied a swim meself today!
But I decided to wait too! :¬)


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Sounds as if the Swan is suffering from a bit of Narcissism. Pretty Smart not wanting to go into the cold water. Nice one Hope

Janel said...

Very appropriate for this time of year, at least here in Michigan. It's sunny, but that water is COLD! Great job!!

Charlie said...

It's pretty apparent from your story that swans have nothing in common with penguins.

(Side note: I'm really sorry to lose you as a follower; I guess I'm not your cup of grog.)

Quilly said...

LOL! Was that the swan talking or did you overhear me?!

Kristine said...

lol. 'I look good'- a cute narcissi swan. Take the plunge, swan, or someone else would push you.
Happy MM!

hope said...

steven; with my vivid imagination, I do have a bad habit of giving animals "human" moments. :)

Sh@KiR@CK: we have a famous gardens in my home town known as Swan Lake..I grew up around LOTS of swans.

Glad to help your day Brighid.

Thom, if a swan can look majestic, I guess it can have an ego. ;)

juliana, not bad to be proud of one's self.

Grandma, that's what I would've done!

Titus, glad you could hear that swan...I was afraid it was just me. :)

Peggy you made me true!

Sylvia, I can't imagine anyone doing that! Yikes!

But Map, you're a manly could take it.

Thanks Bill...yours was fun too.

Janel, Hubby's parents are from Michigan and I can't imagine cold for THAT long!

Charlie! I DIDN'T leave you! Blogger must've eaten something. I love your blog...I will go reprimand it right now!

Hmmm Quilly...too close to call. ;)

Kristine, in my family, someone would've pushed!

Ji said...

lovely photo,
cute, I smiled!

Michael G-G said...

Really liked this stream of consciousness swan! (And who in their right mind is a member of the Polar Bear plunge club!?)

Have a good week.

Ji said...

please help,
need you to nominate blogs that do excellent fiction or short story writings..thank you in advance,
awards will be given after counting the vote...

Elisabeth said...

I'm new to your blog hope. And very pleased to meet you here. I love to anthropomorphise animals, to imagine them thinking as I do. It's all very creative.

hope said...

Ji, Susan gets all the credit for these photos! Next week is gonna be tough!

Michael G-G: you won't find ME in cold water. Not on purpose!

Elisabeth: Welcome! I blame it on my dogs. I swear the older one often looks at me as if he's thinking, "You there, with the thumbs, aren't you suppose to drive me around in a car and make my dinner?" :)

Brian Miller said...

lol. just sticka toe in...smiles.