Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Snowing.....YELLOW!

It's like some sort of science fiction movie from hell. And at first glance, Yellow seems like such a lovely color. Warm. Inviting. Life affirming.

Not so when it becomes so dense that a haze of yellow fills the air, ironically sucking the air out of those of us who walk upright....and have a gene which finds pollen barely tolerable.

I had to work in pollen so thick Saturday that it covered my black sneakers and turned them yellow. My pants (or trousers for those of you across the pond) were yellow up to my knees. I took all the appropriate medications and my eyes are still watering, I'm sneezing and I'd like to scratch most of the skin off my body.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to remove my eyeballs, scratch behind them, then replace them without damaging anything.

Titus said she couldn't image a yellow plague...I mean dust....covering everything. Well, when I dare do more than dash between door to car and car to office, I'll take some pictures. Until then, these are close up shots of the little aliens currently probing my body for new places to irritate.

Meet my mortal enemy: Pine Pollen!

Dang, even blown up they're colorful....and yellow!

Geez Mr. Scott, can't you find SOME PLACE ELSE to beam these critters to?
I'm sure the Tribbles would love the company.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like someone or something from the Enterprise popped a leak and released some strange pollutants into the air I'm just sayin'....I do hope that your allergies go away soon. Beam me up Scotty!!! Hope is having a problem. We need to ge ther fixed and pronto. Check the Holodeck and make sure that Spock did his business in the correct place. LOL

mapstew said...

Tribbles, I'm old enough to remember!

Bastard pollen! :¬)


steven said...

it's not arrived here yet - i'm hoping the weather gods blow some rain through here to wash it out of the sky right when it needs to get to the ground. happy pharmaceuticals!!! steven

Peggy said...

Yikes, yellow stuff falling everywhere. I'm sorry pal,Iwis that I could reove my eyes sometimes too.This is tough tme of year for you!
We were " hailing" in 60 degree weather.Could not see through it. and it was gone in a flash.
Take care my special friend.

hope said...

Thom, if only I had a Holodeck to escape to! :) I visited you yesterday but got to sneezing so much I never added any comments!


steven, it is clouding up and threatening an old fashion, SUMMER thunderstorm right now! If it doesn't rain, I'm going outside to do a rain dance. :)

Yea Peggy's back! Was beginning to worry about were a few others. Yep, if it rains, I can breathe. If not...I stopped by the drug store on the way home. :O

Ji said...

awards for you,
Happy Sunday!