Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Friday 55 challenge by Mojo

Okay, if you're hooked on writing a Friday 55, you know the joy of finding other like minded souls. Our Friday Fairy Godfather, the G-man, got us going. Now Mojo has thrown in a twist...with a challenge.

After reading his 55, you're invited to keep it going with ANOTHER 55 words which you contribute. This week, as I'm inside hiding from the pollen while looking online for Haz Mats suits, I decided to play along. The first is what Mojo wrote...the next 55 words are mine. Go on. Give it a try. You know you want to. :)

UPDATE: To be fair, I goofed. I was suppose to use the story from the week BEFORE this one. But Mojo has been kind and isn't making me take it back. So if you play, make sure you pick the RIGHT story. Sigh. It's the pollen. Honest. Cross my heart.


"The ones we love hurt us worst. Only they get close enough to do real damage. I know this -- it's why I don't fall in love.

Until I do.

Then it turns to shit. And I fix that hole in the wall because dammit, nobody's getting in again.

Until they do.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat."

Should I keep on trying…

… or just get a job as a hair dresser?

I’d have a bigger pool to choose from.
And I’d know all about her.
Hopes. Dreams. Desires.
A need for anger management.
Because she’d told me first.
Me, her trusted hair dresser.

Try again?
Or let love circle the drain?


Alice Audrey said...

You add a lot too it. Well done.

Mojo said...

Actually, the setup for this experiment was supposed to be last week's 55, but hey... there are no rules, right? This is an interesting variation on the theme. Very cool.. I like it!

And I really like the way you continued the story too. Seamless. The drain slips right into the "lather rinse repeat" like a key in a lock.

And it's not a bad idea... wonder if it's too late for me to go learn how to cut hair.

Ji said...

Have fun1

hope said...

Thanks Alice. Please see below.

My formal apology to Mojo: Oops! I goofed. Thanks for being a good sport. I promise to wipe the pollen out of my eyes next time. :)

Ji: thanks. Good to see you.

Mojo said...

No apologies, please! I love the twist! Really. And I just created the new entry on the Collaborations page. (hope the link works!)

(And in case anybody's interested, this is the one that started it all.)

Brighid said...

Wish I had enough brain cells left to play along, but the garden calls and I can only listen to one of the voices at a time...

steven said...

the twist rocks!!! i bet there are a lot of visitors who get right inside this piece and wear it!!! great writing. steven

hope said...'s like the story has it's own room. And with a sibling story too. Well done!

Brighid, not only did you make me laugh, but my Mom, another gardener, said you made her laugh out loud too! Oh the irony, I have the "flower gene" too, but right now can't go outside for more than 15 minutes without sneezing!

Gee steven, why didn't I have more teachers like you growing up? Then again, the ones who encouraged my writing are the ones I remember. I actually wrote two of them thank you notes when my first story was published: I'm not sure which of us were prouder. Happy week to you!

Akelamalu said...

Well done. I have enough of a challenge writing my own 55 without carrying on someone else's! :0

Susan at Stony River said...

Well I'm lost with the double challenge with Mojo but I love what you did here!

I need a hairdresser. So does my hair.