Saturday, April 17, 2010

For steven

A while back, steven at the Golden Fish had a picture of a beautiful blue goblet. I remarked that I had a couple of plant "watering bulbs" which looked similar. And I promised to share.

Okay, better late than never.

I've taken a moment from covering the Archery Tournament for the new local newspaper to share the photos I took of my little blue water orbs this morning. Then I hope to begin reading Friday 55s. Have a great weekend folks! I have one more day of tournament to cover.

I have two of these which nest in my violets.
This one is my favorite.
As for the little old man "Gardner" in the corner,
he holds a fertilizer stick down his back.

My kitchen window is the perfect place to grow violets.
And they ALL bloom at the same time.
Quite the team spirit!

The first one, up close.
Blue, with dots of milky white.
I'd just filled them with water
so you may see a few bubbles.

This is the second one.
They have long stems which go into the dirt
to allow the plants' roots
to draw water when needed.

In case I forget to water because I'm blogging.

So, hope that makes us even, steven.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I didn't even know things like that existed. Boy I learned something new today. I like them a lot. Have a good time covering the tournament :)

steven said...

hey hope!! that's my goblet's sister!! that's so very cool - blue glass, well i love it more than any other glass. in berlin there's a cathedral on the kurfurstendamm that is almost entirely blue glass . . . . check it out here:
yep. we're even steven. thanks hope! steven

Peggy said...


Wow, that's really beautiful. I love it. I've seen similar watering globes ...but not that pretty.

Enchanted Oak said...

Dear hope: What strikes me most about this post is 1) your violets are absolutely the best and most lushly blooming I've ever seen and 2) archery is a fantastic sport. The day I learned that an archer waits to shoot between heartbeats is the day I became entranced. Imagine being aware of a single heartbeat. How very much in the present moment a shooter must be. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. And I just love anything that does that.

SandyCarlson said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. The bulb makes me think of a witch's gazing ball.

Elisabeth said...

Such a glorious blue, indeed a close relative of Steven's glass.

Titus said...

Positively mystical glass!

I liked the even steven.

hope said...

Thom..I have survived the tournament...but the mosquitoes took a lot out of me. Literally. :)

steven, is that just weird or what? I have lots of blue glass in my country blue kitchen. Maybe I'll get around to more pictures. The cathedral was really interesting!

Peggy, they came in groups of 3: the blue and green are beautiful. The other is an ugly polka dotted thing. ;)

Enchanted Oak: seems I have Grandma's ability to grow violets...the pink one gets HUGE!

Sandy, I thought the same thing the first time I saw them.

Elisabeth, I knew the moment I saw steven's goblet I had to tell him about this.

Titus: thanks! I feared the Teacher would punish me for the "even steven" remark. ;)