Sunday, April 18, 2010

For my Moonkin

A while back, I wrote here about Hubby's adventures with an Alligator. Of course in the South, we refer to them as just Gators. If you're a card carrying member of PETA or think wildlife should stay in the wild, you might want to stop reading now.

Besides, this is really a "rest of the story" moment for my Moonkin and his Brother in Scotland.

Boys are impressed by things that stink, make funny noises, are just plain weird or have the ability to make adults shudder. Which is why a tooth from an alligator in South Carolina arrived in Scotland and made two little boys smile. I can just see them taking it to school and wish I could've been a fly on the wall to hear the stories they told about this prehistoric water lizard.

While out and about covering the archery tournament, I ducked inside Hubby's shop for a moment to get out of a suddenly fierce and howling wind. I had the camera with me, so I took a couple of shots of the gator, which belonged to that tooth, which went to live with my favorite Scottish twins. So here is the rest of what I couldn't mail you in that small box.

The hide of the over 12 foot gator is on the ceiling of the shop.

If you stand at the tail and look forward...
well, it chills my blood to think of
coming across that critter on its own turf.
If you click on the photo to enlarge it
you can see the
prehistoric texture of the hide.

The skull itself weighs about 15 pounds
(or for my Moonkin, 4.5 kilos).

The "holes" you can see are for
nerve endings and blood vessels.

The song may say, "never smile at a crocodile"
but I don't think seeing these teeth
on a living gator would've made me smile either.
The teeth are yellow both with age
and due to the gator's diet.
As for those broken front teeth?
That happened when the gator expressed
his displeasure with encountering Hubby.
By grabbing the front of the boat
with his teeth to bite down hard.


Peggy said...

Holy Moly Batman;

That is one huge gator that picked a fight with your husband!!! Holy cow.
We used to see gators when we went to Hilton Head many moons ago.
Your gator is probably twice the size of them! The ones we saw were usually sunbathing on a waterway or golf course.
Never knew anyone that had actually been nose to nose with one.
I bet the gators' teeth were the one gift that your Scottish family will remember for life!!!
Wow is all I can say.

steven said...

oh my my my!!!! steven

Rachel Fox said...


Titus said...

Serious wow, and serious thanks!

The not-actually-so-small ones are in bed now, but this post will undoubtedly make us late for school in the morning.

The tooth is brought out for every visitor to the house, and after this its legend can only grow and grow! We also take a magazine called "Discovery Box", and this month's had a huge feature on the prehistoric crocodile, Sarcosuchus imperator. An ancestor of all caimans, apparently. I suspect that may be what you have here! Article also had an experiment on how to walk like a croc, which was quite convoluted. I would not allow the boys to insert said tooth in their mouths whilst experimenting.

This is truly awesome, particularly in a land where the largest predator is the haggis.
We love you!

Anonymous said...

That gator is huge...O my goodness. I would turn around and run at the first sight of that beast LOL :)

hope said...

Peggy, to be truthful, I guess Hubby picked a fight with him. Gators have become such a nuisance here that they now have a month long season on them. They no longer run away... and they've been attacking swimmers on occasion. People with pets won't let them in the lake here.

steven; I was hoping you'd see the skull with a scientific mind. :)

Rachel: I would've been more like "Holy @(#!" if I'd seen that thing when it was alive. It was pretty awe inspiring....not alive.

Titus, please share with Moonkin and his Bro that I was not belittling them in size; it was an offhand comment on their age...since I'm a few years older than them. ;) Hubby got a grin at the "sharing of the tooth" and their attempts to walk like that critter. Hopefully I'll get around to posting a couple of the archery photos, only because the tournament took up a good chunk of my weekend!

Ji said...

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Titus said...

Late for school! Indulgent aunties!

Boys beside themselves. Had to print it off for them, and yes, it's gone to school.

hope said...

Thanks Ji! Hopefully I'll get back to my home computer before the deadline ends! The work computer is awfully slow!

Titus: how often can you look a teacher in the eye and say, "I was late because a lady in America sent me pictures of the gator this tooth came from."? Better than blaming Titus for eating their homework. :) Can't wait to hear what happened next.

Susan at Stony River said...

I loved this post -- that gator story was the first ever post of yours I read!

I told my son about that Gator a while back and he asked where your husband shot it. 'South Carolina I guess' I said, and he said 'No Mum, where *on the gator*?'

D'oh. LOL

Ponita in Real Life said...

Awesome post! We don't get gators up here in the land of Six Month Winters... but I have seen them in Florida and they are nothing I would want to get remotely close to! How every cool for the boys to have this to show their friends!

Ji said...

award for you
cool you!