Thursday, March 18, 2010

Round Two...or

...Some People Really Are Dumber Than You Think.

Guess who was back today? Give yourself a round of applause if you came up with Black Hoodie Guy, star of my Being a Good Neighbor Post. At least this time I wasn't alone in witnessing this man's stupidity. And this time, he brought a friend.

I guess the easiest way to tell the tale is the way I briefly surmised it in case I have to talk to the cops again. Most law enforcement types will tell you to write it down as soon as you saw it, so you don't lose the details. Any time you find something in italics, that's my "little voice" adding it's running commentary. I'll apologize now for the way this looks: cut and paste doesn't work well on the work computer. I swear I didn't try to make it look this weird!

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Approximately 9:15 a.m.

Witnesses: Myself and Part-time Worker

2 BM (sorry, police lingo for Black Male) stopped at the corner of the Center’s fence, at the gate. One was the same individual I previously contacted the Sheriff’s Office about on Friday, March 12th. [Deputy M.]. These same two BMs walked down the fence on Monday, March 15th, the one wearing a black hoodie gesturing angrily toward the building.

#1 BM, late 30s, dark complexion, beard, tan ball cap, black hoodie, red sweatshirt, grey long sleeve t-shirt, khakis.

#2 BM, late 30s, light skin, bald, orange long sleeve shirt, dark pants.

We watched through my office window as #1 stopped at gate, took off his hoodie, pulled off a red sweatshirt, hung it on the fence, put hoodie back on and headed with other BM across the Center’s front lawn.

No one wants an early morning strip show...especially when it feels like [a] someone is marking your Center for something bad or [b] someone feels the need to be...lighter.

Considering the past history of the #1 individual, I went across the hall and checked out the kitchen door to see where they were going. Both headed toward the car wash. As #2 walked into the woods just prior the car wash, #1 looked back and pointed toward the building before joining #2. The pair proceeded through the woods toward (grocery store next door). I have no idea if they saw me walk out to my car or not.

Well of course I hoped they didn't, but it was the only way to see if they were going to perch on the bench out front.

Less than 5 minutes later #2 came running around the fence, grabbed the red shirt off fence and headed toward the abandoned white house across the street. [On C. Lane]. He was closely followed by #1, carrying a large white box which appeared to be a liquor box. The pair ran behind the abandoned white house. I observed #1 then slowly walk into the woods behind the largest pine tree, where he disappeared from sight.

Several minutes later, 2 BM in blue uniform style clothing jogged past my office. I cracked open the back door and asked if I could help them.

The little voice now goes into too much crime T.V. mode, wondering if the box contained drugs which had been ripped off...and there I was, talking to the drug dealers who'd been ripped off?

The men advised they were working off the Bacardi Truck in the Grocery Store parking lot when someone stole a box off the truck. I advised that we [Shirley & I] had seen the pair running with a box and advised in which direction. They asked if I would call the police and returned to wait with the truck at the Grocery Store parking lot.

Sadly, I said I'd be GLAD to, my enthusiasm hopefully not misinterpreted. It wasn't that I wanted the men in more trouble, I just wanted them AWAY from my seniors. Fortunately, none were here at the time.

I contacted the Law Enforcement Center and was advised that 2 City units were en route. A couple of minutes later a City unit began to circle my back lot. I stood outside the back kitchen door and waited until he completed his circuit, then asked if he would like to know which direction the suspects ran.

I'm pretty sure I heard the Officer's jaw hit the ground. He'd perceived me as merely a nosy person, rather than someone with information. He soon changed his tune....and thanked me. Too many people don't want to be involved. I didn't want to be involved with this guy either, but he didn't really leave me any option.

I advised of the previous situation on Friday so the Officer could speak with Deputy M. if necessary. I advised that a neighbor informed me on Monday that she believed #1 was staying in a gray mobile home on Mc. Lane with #2. The mobile home next door is visible from our lot, therefore I advised the Officer that the one which the neighbor had pointed out was the gray mobile home next door, which sits on the lot at an angle. 3 City Units combed the area, concentrating on the mobile home in question. We did not witness any further contact.

But you can be sure that if Black Hoodie Guy and/or his Pal comes out in daylight hours again, I'll be glad to find them a ride, complete with blue light and siren.


Susan at Stony River said...

"BM", what an unfortunate abbreviation. ROFL

I'm glad you live where the police actually show up when called -- and I hope this all resolves as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I hope this comes to a conclusion and soon :)

savannah said...

this is what has to happen, sugar! everyone needs to feel safe in their community and the only way that will happen is if we each take responsibility for our community! i know y'all have heard of the broken window syndrome - broken windows (disrepair) indicate lack of concern for an area and what happens? crimes of opportunity because no one is watching. i would to have y'all as a neighbor, sugar! xoxoxox

Titus said...

Yes, good work, sister.
I really hope this comes to a conclusion, and soon. You, and the area (neighbourhood?) don't need this aggravation.

Ji said...

interesting and helpful post!

Ji said...

please let me know after your 55 is up,
thank you for the support!
Happy Friday!

hope said...

Susan, you're so right. Then I had second thoughts because I was describing him as "Black Hoodie Man"...I meant the color of the hoodie, not the man. Sigh.

Thom, since all the cops came around, haven't seen him. Hope that means he's staying elsewhere...preferably with bars on the windows. ;)

savannah, I'd be glad to have you in my neighborhood as well. :)

Titus: the guy's just creepy. Hopefully he's moved on.

Hi Ji! Going to check out your 55 now...I'm behind. Again.