Monday, March 29, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Welcome to Microfiction Monday, where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer. Yes, I am late today. The work computer is terminally stupid...and I'll let it go at that. Make sure you let Susan know you played.

Here's this week's photo

Found the body here.
Leaned too far they say.
Went too far more like it.

The widow okay?

Yep. Hope she's not cited for water pollution.


anthonynorth said...

Well, it's one way of sorting out a problem :-)
Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Water poluution. Too funny. This is great. :)

Jillien said...

Dark Comedy!! Love it!


Larry said...

Yes looking over or bending over to get a better look can make one topsie tervie and then overboard she goes water pollution? not when there isn't any water to pollute the river bed was bone dry. It made for a sudden stop which makes it a lulu..hehehehe

jabblog said...

LOL!! I worry sometimes about bloggers . . .;-)

Kristine said...

lol. I'm wondering what the body was doing (when it was still alive) to go too far? So I'm guessing the body was a 'he', and that he was relieving his excretory system, when he fell.

Now the poor widow had to be cited for water pollution! lol.

I love it! dark and funny!

Suz said...

I see this as dark comedy!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

This was good Hope, Was it the Widow Borden??

Nessa said...

Oh, i love your last line. Hysterical.

juliana said...

i suppose in that case water pollution would be the least of her problems... love the dark humour!

Quilly said...

LOL! This one is my favorite! I loved the last line. So droll and unexpected.

Titus said...

How can you scare me and make me laugh in 140 characters?

Such a left-of-centre take on the photo, very unexpected end line, loved it!

hope said...

Anthonynorth...not the way I usually handle things but some days you just feel a little more wicked than others. :)

Thanks Thom. ;)

Jillien, this is probably a shock to those who know me to write um..sweet and light stuff.

Larry, ah a dry river bed would've made quite the impact, huh? [Insert groan here]. As for the water pollution...twas HIS body that she may or may not have nudged a little. ;)

jabblog, the good thing is I write more wicked than I am in person. :)

Kristine, let's just say he made a bad decision and his wife decided widowhood was better. And no, it's not about my Hubby, who's feet are firmly on the ground. :)

Suz, thank you for adding "comedy" to dark. I think my buddies may start looking at me funny.

Geez Bill, why didn't I think of that?

Nessa, sometimes I like doing the unexpected....little goody two shoes that I am in real life. long as she didn't get caught, the fine would be acceptable. :)

Titus, I am so predictable I decided that for once, I'd pick an ending no one would suspect from me. :)

savannah said...

sugar, i swear, this ain't dark humor, this is living in the south! ;~D xoxoxox (i'm late to the party today, but well done!)

Susan at Stony River said...

I love that last line -- in some cases that's *exactly* the worst offense in it!

I was here reading it a few days ago, and my connection failed when I got to the comments page. ARGH. This whole week has been giving me headaches in that department. I put in a few complaints to the "provider" so we'll see... meanwhile I can't wait to get to WV and enjoy my Road Runner Turbo or whatever I have there lol