Monday, March 1, 2010

Microfiction Monday

With a mere 140 characters, use Susan's photo of the week to tell a story. Then make sure you tell her you played. Come on! It's fun!

"You said 'I'll be done writing by the time the cows come home.'
We're here.
AND we looked for Terrence along the way.
So, you done yet?"


Eryl Shields said...

I'm beginning to sense a theme here. I hope you're not feeling guilty for spending time writing. Great photo of the lone cow.

Peggy said...

I can hear my grandmother say that line.."til the cows come home" now!
Very creative and another different approach!. I just love coming over here to our blog and finding a new gem!
Hopeyu are havin a GREAT Monday pal!

mapstew said...

That place looks familiar to me!

And I'm sure I know that cow! :¬)


Susan at Stony River said...

'When the cows come home' OMG I burst out laughing -- that one never occurred to me at all!

Though I did think, too late, of the Moooody Blues!

Anonymous said... that something like when pigs fly? LOL I love this. Well done my friend. Rabbit, Rabbit

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I grew up with that one!!! What a great post for the Microfiction of today! I love it!!!

Have a great week, Hope!


juliana said...

LOL, what a great take!

The Skald said...

hehehehe - not found error - *cackle* That was fun to laugh on several sly levels :D Well done!!


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

A saying I havent' heard in years. I sometimes think that I am still waiting for the cows to come home.

Nice one Hope

SouthLakesMom said...

Excellent use of that old phrase! I think it will probably make Susan feel guilty -- I don't know if she got her writing finished!

hope said...

Eryl: I only felt guilty because I thought about this at the last minute! :)

Thanks Peggy. Yep, my Grandma use to say the same thing...probably what made me think of it! And the cow sort of looked like it's been nagged for being late.

Map, as long as you and the cow aren't drinking buddies. ;)

Susan...I almost did one about singing home with "Moood music". We're sick. Or creative.

Thom...yep. :) Glad to see you didn't end up under a giant wave.

Thanks Sylvia! I was the kind of kid who actually "heard" what adults said...and remembered it.

Skald...thanks for catching MY error! I used the wrong link! I'm correcting it now. and me both!

SouthLakesMom...oh I think she wasn't as lazy as I and got it done.

The Skald said...

Oh! I thought you did that on purpose LOL Since you were looking for Terrence, I thought it was a clever way to say you didn't find him :-) Now I'm off to check your new link!

The Skald said...

*big grin*

Titus said...

Oh yes, I was always looking out for those bloody cows, as everything was going to happen when they finally arrived!
I am so glad they've made it at last, must ring my mother.

Thanks for the introduction to McDanger.

Great story too. You done yet?

Quilldancer said...

I pondered how to use the phrse but just couldn't come up with anything. You put it to good use!

the broken down barman said...

how are you Hope? long time no speak. been living in the world of realit for a few months, but now back to annoy everyone..... but something might be different.............

hope said...

Skald; ah, I wish I'd been so witty. But Terrence is a hoot...WHEN he finds the time to write!

Titus, I fear I will never be done. :) I have several unfinished writing projects, not counting the Family Tree one, which I want to write as a story and not a list of "A begat B who begat C". Maybe MY cows haven't come home yet. ;)

Thanks Quilly. One of those "my brain is wired weird" moments. I looked at that picture more than once and sighed, "Great, guess I'll be sitting here until the cows...come...home."

Barman! You're alive! I actually checked your site last week to see if it was even still there. Now I'll have to make a return visit. Good things ahead I hope?

Larry said...

Mom always said when she was young she had to go pick up cow paddies to get the fire started I've always wondered if they smell when burning like they do when wet ... hahaha.Oh well I'm posted check out whats up by following the link below.

Love Boat

Thanks Larry

A Blog In The Rough said...

lol, the cows are home! :)