Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday 55

Once again it's time to play "Can you write a story in 55 words?". The answer is, "Sure you can...with a little editing." And when you create that masterpiece, be sure to let the G-Man know.

What if
that Bad Driver
lost his job?
Or a loved one.

What if
the cranky Mom
at the grocery store
has more kids than food?

What if
the door not held for you
was because the Doctor's news
came from the Grim Reaper?

What if
we gave people a chance
before labeling them

As for guilt, we can start with me. My car found out it had been paid off in December, so Wednesday it decided to eat a back window. This necessitated an early morning visit to the Dealership on Thursday, where the man advised my model just might have to have a new window, even if mine was intact...because "that's the way they make stuff units".


Went home ready to drive my Aunt's car [she who resides in the nursing home, for whom I "serve" as Social Secretary/Purchasing Agent]. The battery was dead. Thus Hubby turned to me and advised I'd have to drive his truck. That would be the BIG, extended cab pickup which requires a bar for me to step on when I get in. When I get out, I merely leap to the ground yelling "Geronimo!"

So there I was, driving down a country road, looking like a five year old who'd stolen Dad's truck. It felt wider than a bus to me [I drive a Jeep] and suddenly I felt 16 again....wondering if I was driving dangerously close to the shoulder of the road like I had as a new driver. I wasn't, but it felt that way. Then someone began to tailgate me and wouldn't pass, even when there was room.

My immediate thought was, "Idiot! Pass or back off! Are you nuts?"

Then I wondered what they were thinking about me. "Geez. Could she be any shorter? Or did she steal that truck?"

That's when it hit me how many times we make snap judgments without all the facts. Sure, the tailgater did eventually pass and although I'm 99% sure he was just in a hurry, there was a part of me which whispered, "What if someone in the car needed to go to the hospital? What if a Father had just died and a caring Son was rushing to his Mother's side?"

Silly? No...because both have happened to me.

So I'm going to try a little harder to be more patient. And kinder. Because most of the time...we really just don't know.

Have a great weekend!


savannah said...

thank you, sugar. if there was ever a day i needed to be reminded to practice patience, it's today!
have a great weekend, darlin! xoxoxo

anthonynorth said...

Patience is always good - but so difficult.

Brian Miller said...

snap. great 55. we never know peoples stories unless we take time to hear them...before we pass jusgement.

my 55 is up!

Mona said...

That is why we must always stop to think!

Great 55ve!

Monkey Man said...

Some courtesies are just plain dead, but we also can't assume we are entitled to even the most common of courtesy. I judge, but don't let those actions of others fester to resentment. Patience is a tough one. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

Ponita in Real Life said...

Words of wisdom in those 55 of yours.

Great post!

Jessie said...

ahhh yes...i do try to exercise patience, but when i'm having a bad day it doesn't always work out that way...

a very thoughtful post-thank you.

Mojo said...

It's way too easy to view life through a single prism. I keep learning that over and over. Maybe it'll stick one day before I die.

Nessa said...

"They" say if we give people the benefit of the doubt like this we will be much happier ourselves.

G-Man said...

This 55 ROCKED!!!!!
Excellent message filled story..
Thank You so much for this wonderful contribution, and have a Kick Ass week-End...G

Titus said...

Wisdom indeed. A little sprinkle of selflessness on ourselves each day would work wonders.
Saying that, patience is a virtue I have to practise every day...

hope said...

savannah, patience is something I have to practice EVERY day. :)

anthonynorth: you are so right.

Brian, will be headed your way Saturday.

Thanks Mona!

Monkey Man, I worry that society has become so PC that what use to pass as just being nice has turned to "fend for yourself". But I hold doors for men too. ;)

Thanks Ponita. Easier to say than do sometimes.

Jessie, I try...and I have to keep trying.

Mojo, I think we all have "a-ha!" moments...and then we revert back to "normal". :) And yet I keep kicking myself back into compliance.

Nessa....maybe sometimes, "they" are right. :)

Thanks G-Man. Thought I'd lost you since I didn't hear from you last week. ;0

Titus, there are days when I qualify for "virtue-less" when it comes to patience. :)

PattiKen said...

Really nice! I admit that I sometimes lack patience. Not my husband though. He is patient sometimes to a fault. Many a time he holds the door open for me, I go through and continue on into the store. Eventually I realize he isn't with me and turn around to look for him. I see him way back there behind the other 20 people who have followed me into the store, while he still stands there, holding the door. ;-)

I’m up here.

Alice Audrey said...

I used to be full of righteous indignation. It was fun. But life kept showing me I was wrong in my opinions, and I had to give it up.

hope said...

PattiKen, Hubby and I balance each other out: I have patience for things he barely tolerates and visa versa. :)

Alice A, I think I just left your playground!

SandyCarlson said...

Most of the time we really don't know. That is so true. And we all need so much kindness. So much.

Quilly said...

My patience and kindness is returning. I lost it when we lived in the city. It seems like everybody rushes there just to rush. Life in the country is much more laid back and peaceful. It is good to be home again.

Larry said...

I pictured you on the edge of the seat of the truck yelling Geronimo and taking a leap. I won't say what else happened as you land with a bounce ( but maybe you shouldn't of wore that black low cut blouse ) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment I appreciate them and i'm glad that your on the edge of your seat again see you next week because the storie is getting more intense now. Oh by the way be sure to let your nails grow because your going to need them in the next couple of Zephyrs Revenge posts.

Thanks love your visits and your 55's too.

Ji said...

what if you are told
you win lottery and suddenly, tons of phone calls request you to donate,,,
are you happy to win still?

many questions,
Happy Sunday!

Peter Stone said...

Wow, your words cut straight to my heart. How many times have I leapt to conclusions, labeling someone without taking a moment to consider what are going through.
Thank you for the reminder.

Buzzard said...

It seems like its taken me a lifetime to learn a little patience.
I say a little, because it seems that's all I have right now, is just a little.

hope said...

Sandy, it's definitely easier to write about than follow through on. :)

Quilly, that's so true! I live out in the country and commute to my hometown which isn't a big city, but is city like. I realized the other day that when I leave the City limits, my whole body relaxes as I head toward the country. :)

Larry, my husband laughs at me because there is a bar there for me to step on but I hop out. Why? Isn't it bad enough being short without that "step" being referred to as a smurf bar? ;)

Ji, you are so right.

Peter, tis easier to remind someone else than bite one's tongue. I slip up more than I'd like to.

Buzzard, some days I have the patience of a Saint...the rest, not so much. ;)