Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday 55

Okay, this week with Spring rising in the air, my count was a little short...and my Friday logo is MIA. But should you decide to write one of these 55 word stories, kindly let the G-Man know.

With apologies to Ogden Nash

Spring is sprung.
The pollen's riz.
I wonder where
the Kleenex iz?

Eyes water, head doth pound.
This feeling's quite absurd.
Is it so terribly wrong
To wanna flip Ma Nature the bird?


fickleinpink said...

that made me smile today!

antihistamines would help!

coming from 55 FFF bloghoppin' and so glad to find this great blog!
now a happy follower!
happy weekends

check out my my 55 FFF


steven said...

hello hope - that's funny and possibly prescient. when i moved to this town i was told i would develop allergies and sure enough i did. to spring tree pollen. i avoid drugs of all kinds but i let the anti-histamines into my system in foggy abundance!! have a lovely day. steven

savannah said...

i am thisclose to my allergist because of the damn pollen! here's to nasonex, sugar! xoxoxox

Monkey Man said...

For all the beauty of Spring, it does come with its hazards. Mrs. MM hates this time of year. My 55 is HERE.

Alice Audrey said...

Great 55. My allergies aren't Seasonal, but I sure feel for you.

Mine is here.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! OMG you make allergies so real and so what we want to do. Well done my friend. Love the 55 :) Have a great weekend :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Ogden Nash, what a treasure! This was great Hope -- I only hope your allergies won't torment you too badly this spring. Ugh!

hope said...

fickleinpink: Welcome! Yep, it's definitely time for antihistamines! I finally found one last spring I can take without wanting to fall asleep.

steven: I was born and raised in this mess but when I turned 21, my body turned against pollen! See above drug comment. :)

savannah: ah, we southern gals certainly suffer when it comes to pollen! The South is the WORST place on the planet for this stuff. I can't do the nasal stuff, but at least I finally found something which does work. I'm waving my Kleenex box at you as we speak. ;)

Monkey Man...she has my heart felt sympathy! I'll be reading everyone on Saturday.

Alice A: trust me, sympathy is a good thing and it actually helps!

Thom: I jokingly go around spouting the first stanza every Spring...this week I just finally put in writing what I truly think. ;)

Susan: it's part of tradition. My little brother thought the original Nash poem was so funny, I began sending it to him every spring on a post card when I left home and got married. No signature...just the poem addressed to him. He decided a couple of years ago he was too "old" for this silliness and suggested I send it to his son. Needless to say, the nephew and I are on the same playground. ;)

Buzzard said...

Spring is like a medicine for winter, you have to take a little bitter to fell better.

My 55: My Invisibility

Brian Miller said...

ha. loved it. my wifes allergies have been rioting the last couple days...a bit late making the 55 rounds...hope you have a great weekend!