Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Question for the Irish Amongst Ye...only those with sense of humor need apply

Okay, be forewarned. It's a silly question. Not so much an "American" question as one born of curiosity. Curiosity... with a plan.

Each month I write a newsletter for my senior citizens and on the back, to fill a big block of space, I began writing what they like to refer to as, "Ah, your little stories that we love."

Yeah, I know. Just how every adult who writes likes to hear their work described.

Anyway, I've been writing their newsletter for 16 years and to say March has been portrayed every way possible is an understatement. So I'm working on a "new" angle to give them a giggle, which calls for a very silly question:

How large is the pot of gold that Leprechaun is guarding at rainbow's end?


Sure. Go ahead. Laugh. Get it out of your system. Done?

Yes, I do know it's a legend.

Yes, I understand that legends are just fun stories passed on for eons to entertain. Or to make Americans buy souvenirs.

But seriously, I have a plan. No. Really. As one who is mathematically challenged, I need dimensions. You can even forgo height/width/circumference if you can give me an educated "guess" as to the volume of that pot.

As I sit here envisioning you, my lovely reader, doing one of the following: [a] rolling your eyes [b] illustrating ROFLMAO [c] removing yourself from my "Followers" list or [d] expecting MENSA member Susan to do all the work for you, I beg for mercy.

Come on. We all had grandparents. Can't you give me one more reason to make my group smile? After all, they didn't get a raise in their government checks either...they need something to smile about.

For those of you who actually read to the end, I thank you.

The rest of you...you can get off the floor now, sit back in your chairs and continue with business as usual.


Susan at Stony River said...

Mensa aside *ahem*, I've never ever heard an Irish person even say the word 'leprechaun', or tell any stories about them. So, I think you're free to make it any size you want! Nobody will argue with you.

There are a lot of wonderful stories about Saint Patrick and his adventures; he went to Hell (literally) just a few miles from where I live LOL You've really done it now you know -- I just put an Irish saints story book in a big ol' envelope.

Nessa said...

If you try to reach inside the pot o gold without first catching the leprechaun, the pot will shrink around your wrist and cut off your hand.


Nessa said...

If you are lucky enough to catch the leprechaun, then the pot o gold is wider than the sky and deeper than the ocean and its bounty is as never ending as the Fishes and Loaves.


mapstew said...

Nessa got there before me.

I have a leprechaun friend, his hands are too short to reach the bar, or his pockets!! :¬)

Anonymous said...

Who the hell knows and who the hell cares. As long as it's got gold in it that's all I would care about. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

I don't profess to know much about leprechauns... I don't think we have those here in New Iceland. ;-)

Titus said...

Glad I came. Nessa knows a lot. I'm steering well clear of these things now.

hope said...

Susan, yours may be the one I go with simply because I get the feeling the answers are going to be very varied! And the way work life goes, maybe some help from Irish saints isn't a bad thing. ;) Thanks!

Nessa, I will admit I've never heard about losing your hand. And now you've added that the size of the pot will defeat the purpose of my story. Hmmm...stick to Susan's suggestion or tell the legendary truth? Thanks for playing along and not calling me names. :)

Map...you mean leprechauns don't hang around bars and tempt those with less than quick hands? ;) What is the world coming to when you can't even count on legends.

Thom, I hear the little fellows have nasty dispositions. Then again, some of what I've heard is obviously wrong. :)

Ponita, evidently I don't know much either. :)

Titus, aren't you glad you're in Scotland now? :)

Peggy said...


Of course there are Leprechaun's,.. I've seen them lots of times...like in the musical "Finnigans Rainbow!"
Now let's see, i believe that the pot of gold itself is bottomeless and it contents are determined on an individual basis. So i can't really give you a number...you want a number, oh the presure of a nmber..... Maybe like a billion and beyond!

(I'll just have to ask the Congress Budget accounting office firstabout how much is left in people's pot of gold)

Brighid said...

The answer is woven in the remarks of Susan & Nessa. Knew a troll once, but haven't met a leppy yet. Keep'n my fingers crossed, or is that eyes,and look'n for a rainbow.

Susan at Stony River said...

Peggy -- if you've seen them, that only proves that they're not here -- they're America! ROFL