Monday, February 8, 2010

Microfiction Monday

With a mere 140 characters, craft a tale using the photo below. Then make sure you tell Susan you played along. Come on! It's fun.

This week's photo:
Jan was shocked to discover that
her Mom's famous pie recipe wasn't hers,
but pilfered from "Dear Abby".
Party lines were most informative.


Peggy said...

Oh my gosh, I remember hearing about party lines. Brillant idea Hope! I can even almost hear the conversation now! Never in a million years did I think of this.
Hope yu are having a WONDERFUL Monday!

Sylvia K said...

I don't have to hear about party lines -- I had them for years! Jeez, can I really be that old???? Yep, afraid so. Great post for the day!

Have a great week!

SouthLakesMom said...

Hope - very funny! To have pilfered from Dear Abby! Oh my! My source for recipes tells me if you alter just one thing -- a smidge more or less of one ingredient -- you've made the recipe yours!

juliana said...

ah, the little family secrets revealed! loved it!

Anonymous said...

Oh the secrets we cannot keep on a party line. Poor Jan...what must she think of mommy dearest :) Too funny and well done :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Poor Mom!! Outed as a Dear-Abby-baker ROFL

Good one!

mapstew said...

We didn't have a phone!

We did have pies galore. And scones, tarts, cakes, puddings and bread. All homemade by the Ma! And all her own recipes too! :¬)


The Skald said...

We lived far enough in the boonies that our little town still had a shared line for up to 10 homes on a hub. Now if we here something like that... it's broke! Nice Job!!

Quilldancer said...

Haha. We both did the party line thing. Your gossips were much niicer than mine! And hey, all moms have to get their apple pie recipe from somewhere. Why not Dear Abby?

Anonymous said...

what a shock ;-)

Larry said...

pilfered lol haven't heard that word so long I think it's from the party line days too. Hope Thanks for stopping by "This Blog Of Mine"

hope said...

Peggy, Monday was interesting as they tried their darndest to drag me back on that Committee. But I had my ground...politely of course. Your good vibes must've helped. :)

Sylvia I actually remember party lines. Sure, I was a kid but a neighbor once told me to "get off the line" for an emergency. 5 minutes later, I tried again and she was STILL gossiping. ;)

SouthLakesMom, most of the people I know are funny about their recipes: might share with YOU, but don't you dare share. :)

juliana, at least it's a family secret where no one goes to jail.

Thom, doesn't it make you wish you could have a party line for about a week? Just to see what was going on in the neighborhood.

Susan....think pecan pie. ;) Although it was a misunderstanding on my part.

Map, when I was a kid I was fascinated by the mere thought of scones. Being the imaginative kid I was though, I envisioned this delicate little ice cream cone shaped goodies, filled with jam. One of our English ladies brought some to lunch and little kid me was saddened to learn they resembled Mom's Sunday dinner biscuits. ;) [I know, that word has a totally different meaning where you are..just consider it Sunday scones].

Skald: I think there were only 3 families on ours but that one nosy old biddy would try to pick up the phone and listen in!

Quilly, you know little girls think Mom is perfect. That she would "borrow" a recipe... ;)

RP: wonder if Miss Shocked kept on using the recipe? ;)

Ah Larry, am I letting my age show? Then again, I do love weird words. And I love visiting your blog!

Nessa said...

Love your story. I still have some recollections of a party line. It was almost like being bugged.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Gotta love those Party Lines, great Microfiction, my apologisies for not visiting until now.

John's comments said...

Yes I also remember party lines and when you didn't give a second glance at someone using a street telephone box

hope said...

Nessa you're so right! The little old lady next door would glare at us if she thought we'd stayed on the phone too long!

Bill, you've been busy, understandable. Glad you stopped by.

John, I said something the other day about a pay phone and the kids I work with went, "A what?" Sadly, they were best used by drug dealers, so they yanked them all out.

Titus said...

Missed this one!
Brilliant, and I love that picture!

Nishant said...

a smidge more or less of one ingredient -- you've made the recipe yours!

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