Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guest Blogger

Usually you wouldn't find me asking anyone to "Guest blog" here. But today is unusual. You see, yesterday it snowed, something I haven't seen in my neck of the woods for 10 years. In fact, the weather guy says it's the biggest snow we've had, statewide, in 30 years. I know, 5" isn't much to most of you but considering we usually see snowflakes fall and melt on contact, it was interesting. The nice thing about southern snow is that it makes our world lovely, bringing everything to a complete standstill because we aren't equipped to handle it and smart people don't drive because too many idiots will try to...and fail. A snowy day here is like Christmas for wrecker services. We play in it for a while and by the next morning, if not by that very afternoon, it's melted and gone. The only downside is that it's melting as we speak and tonight's low will turn it all to ice.

But this morning we took pictures and my oldest kid, Smokey, asked if he could tell you all about it. After all, he was only a year old for his first snow here and now at the ripe old age of 11 and a half [in people years], he'd like to walk you around.

Hi, Smokey Joe here.
I'm suppose to give you a tour of my territory.
But you know how people are,
they have to take pictures of EVERYTHING.
This is my dog house.
I share it with my son Bou and our two humans, who we'll refer to as "Dad" and "Mom" just to make it easier on me.
Typing's not my strong suit.
Dad thinks we should sleep outside
but thankfully Mom allows me to curl up on the couch with her while they watch t.v..
Personally I don't care for "American Idol"
but it makes them laugh.
Laughter is the human equivalent of tail wagging.
Bou is content to lie on something called a
"Dog Bed" in front of the fireplace.

This is my kid, Bou.
It's his first snow.
He looks as confused as I did the
first time I stomped around in that weird white stuff on the grass.
First thing I taught the kid:
No matter how many times they insist, never SIT in the snow.

Before I go on, Mom asked that I share some "artistic" shots.
Fancy human term for snow covered stuff no one cares about but her.
These are some hay bales across the field from us.
The field served as a shortcut to my girl friend's house
but she's given up on men. So I gave up pining for her.

Mom says a guy named steven in Canada will enjoy this one.
Like they don't have snow in Canada all the time?

She also said to ask Thom if his
Hawaiian hammock ever looked like this.
Oh, and Susan.
Mom said to tell you she wrote "Hi Susan" under the big pecan tree out front
but the photo didn't come out with enough definition.
Whatever that means.

Now, back to us.
This morning Dad asked if we wanted to play catch.
I love to retrieve!
And after 6 years, Bou's finally decided he's a Labrador Retriever too.
For a while,
we thought all he knew how to do was stroll towards stuff.
Humans are tricky.
I should've known something was up when Dad didn't throw my yellow tennis ball.
I couldn't BELIEVE I couldn't find that white ball.

After Dad threw the 3rd one,
I remembered what snowballs were.

Good catch, huh?
Bou was utterly amazed. Speechless even.

The kid tried.
Think he caught 1 out of 15.

I caught one more, just to show him how it's done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going in to take a nap.
And if I'm lucky, I'll get to the couch first,
while Mom is posting this.
Sometimes a guy just needs to stretch out and snooze.


savannah said...

i LOVED this, sugar! y'all had soooooo much more snow than we did! but it's true, it's a good thing it didn't snow more down here! we ain't equipped! xooxox

Susan at Stony River said...

I *LOVE* my pecan postcard anyway! LOL

Your house is gooooorgeous. I dream of a lovely big porch like that.

Nessa said...

The kids were having so much fun.

Purdie Pyrate

steven said...

wow what a place and so cool to see snow - see this winter we've hardly had any. last winter we shovelled from mid-october through to april but this year we've had one major dump of snow and that's it!!!! i love the way dogs think and especially reading how we think they think!!! i also love the chair so thanks for including that!!!! sweet post. steven

Larry said...

when I lived in colorado back in the 70's i seen more snow than I ever wanted to then and still hate snow to this very day. I admit it can make some pretty pictures in ones eyes such as chain link fences and the chair you shared it's as if some one sat up through the storm and carved out the wholes in the chair and the hammock nice effect i think loved your dogs have always liked lab's .
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for the fiction 55 car crash I appreciate your comments Hope ... What a nice house also, see you soon.

Titus said...

Just a joy from start to end! You should let this guy guest blog a little more, methinks. Quite some wisdom there.

hope said...

savannah, living out in the country it was fun because farmers don't work in this weather...nor drive. No car wrecks to ruin the view. :)

Susan, I do have another pecan tree shot I'll post for you on Sunday. Our house is funny: from the front it looks so small and yet, if you look hard, you can see how far BACK it goes.

Nessa, the youngest kid ran in circles, then ran back up to us with this, "What the heck?" look on his face. Kept high stepping to keep his feet out of it.

steven, glad you liked your chair. I had to laugh when I heard they were actually trucking snow IN for the Olympics. You know the older Smokey gets, the more noises he makes. Right now he sounds like an arthritic 75 year old and I swear one day all those sounds will become words. ;)

Larry it is pretty...and I like it because it melts 24 hours later. Couldn't stand it for months on end!

Titus, you give Smokey the big head and we're in trouble! You know he and Alligator Man are quite the pair around these parts. :)

Ponita in Real Life said...

Hope, that's fabulous! You gotta let Joe blog more often!

Very lovely house.... I've always wanted a big veranda. *sigh*

Joe looks like he's been spray painted from the underside... has he always been like that, or is that just his age showing through? The white on the face is normal, but the legs and belly?

Beautiful dogs... lovely photos... :-)

hope said...

Pon, they're Chocolate Labs but Smokey is beginning to look like white chocolate! His face began turning like that when he was a year old...and now the rest is following suit. He'll be 12 in July.

Son Bou, 6 next month, is starting to grow his own little white goatee. :)