Saturday, February 20, 2010

From Leprechaun's Pot to Cooking Pots

Here I go again. Asking questions and knowing the answers will leave me scratching my head wondering how I'm going to get myself out of the mess I've created. Your views on the Leprechaun's pot of gold killed my original story...and yet, they gave birth to a story which was just as fun. Thanks! (And yes, I will be torturing you with said story at a later date. Say March 17th).

I will begin with yet another disclaimer: I know that Americans with one drop of Irish in their DNA (and I don't mean Guinness) go absolutely crazy celebrating St. Patrick's Day. My question this time doesn't pertain to the Americanization of St. Patrick or Boston's green beer. It has to do with food.

I'm in need of suggestions for dishes to serve the senior citizens at their March 16th "St. Patrick's Day" luncheon. And before anyone suggests corned beef and cabbage, the group has already requested I not "stink up the kitchen with the smell of cooking cabbage."

You think that's bad? Try cooking and having 20 grandmotherly types telling you 20 different ways to prepare what you're in the middle of preparing. I learned early on to listen, smile, say, "Isn't that interesting?"...and then continue with what I was doing.

So when YOU think of Irish cooking, what dishes spring to mind? And yes, recipes gratefully accepted.

You people really are the best! And in your honor, I promise not to wear a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!" button to lunch.

Although technically, I do have the genetic DNA to back it up.

Oh and Thom? We're also doing a Hawaiian Luau lunch at the end of March.


savannah said...

Guinness beef stew! my former son-in-law is from dublin and he used to make it! xoxoxo

savannah said...

here's bock's recipe! and he's from limerick!

G-Man said...

I clicked on Savannah's link and she is Dead On!
I'd put the spuds in the stew though, and bake some dinner rolls for the side.
You can make corned nbeef without the cabbage...:P

mapstew said...

Savvy got it right, and Bock's recipe is a winner.
(And I have had the pleasure of sharing said recipe with the man, though without the beef, or most of the other ingredients. Actually I just went boozing with him!) :¬)

I usually make my stews the day before I eat them, always much better!


Monkey Man said...

They don't celebrate St. Pat's Day in Ireland and neither do I. Sorry I can't be of help here. I like your post and the comments just the same.

Dan said...

Hey hope!

Long time no speakie (for which I am sorry. There is no excuse other than the new job is killing me. I've never been so tired in all my life. Its mental!)

Recipes I can't do, but loads and loads of soda bread always does the trick for me when I used to visit Ireland.

Can't get enough of the stuff!

Hope you are well matey.

steven said...

now hope there's a really good recipe over on bock's site eh?! it just kills me though to put a perfectly good beer in the stew. however, no pain no glory. go for it girl!! steven

Anonymous said...

All I know is Green beer LOL ooo I can't wait for the end of March :) Susan better have something for you for this. If not we will just beam her up to the Enterprise Jail House LOL

hope said...

Dang savannah! Now I'M hungry. :) Thanks for the recipe.

G-Man, you think the potatoes in stew thing is too American? :) I made them Beef Stew a few weeks ago with potatoes and carrots. But this looks so good!

Map, me too! Soup, stew or spaghetti sauce. Swear it tastes better the next day.

Monkey Man, I'm just glad you come by to visit.

Ooh Dan! I think my Mom-in-law might even have an Irish Soda Bread recipe. I'd ask Susan, but she's lost her mind and has to turn in 18,000 words this weekend. She must've been very, very bad. :0

steven, the funny thing is since I don't drink, it doesn't bother me. Hmmm, wonder if I can get away with such a recipe without telling the seniors...or the boss. You see, we're not allowed to have alcohol in our building. Maybe if I start it at home....

Thom, I think our Susan is so buried in creating words she may not surface until March 17th. And don't think you're off the hook either! I need some new "Hawaiian" recipes. We have a friend on Kauai who in the past has sent me some traditional music, along with a Hawaiian/English dictionary. The mac nuts, however, are eaten immediately by the husband. :) The seniors are tiring of my!

Peggy said...

I was gonna say Muligan's stew and for sure soda bread! Now we would have te beer on the side. Putting it in the stew is better for your crowd maybe!
Sounds like fun, you're mazing Hope!

Ponita in Real Life said...

The beef stew sounds like a hit to me!

Here's a great Irish Soda Bread recipe.... I love that bread! Very easy to make too.

Let us know how it turns out... and take pics too! :-)

Dulce said...

Oh some caterings work well :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Absolutely DON'T cook cabbage and also don't listen to Monkey Man he's joking -- we have a WEEK OFF school and work for Saint Patrick's Day, it's our national holiday, and every town and village of any size has a big parade with just everyone going down the street.

Potatoes are always appropriate. So is salmon, we pull it out of the rivers everywhere. Guinness stew is loooooovely.

Come to think of it... hon, I will send you something. Obviously not stew, but something to add to your feast. I just need to know how many!

hope said...

Peggy, sometimes I suspect I do all these "fun" things for my seniors so I don't get bored. ;)

Ah Ponita, you're an angel! I looked that up the other day and there were literally hundreds of recipes for Soda Bread. I trust you, so I'll go with you offering. Thanks!

Ah Dulce, they're spoiled folks. I've cooked once a week for them for 16 years...and they get upset when I go on vacation!

Susan, it appears that stew may be the winner. :) Any hints for dessert? Cause these folks love their bread and dessert. :0 I usually have 20-24 for lunch, although 3 of those are couples.

hope said...

Ponita, I just checked out the bread recipe...that's SO funny! It's EXACTLY the one I bookmarked yesterday! Great minds, what can I say?

Larry said...

rubbing hands together and drueling at the mouth uuummmm can we have a couple of those hawaian girls with the grass dresses too? Ummmmm you are inviting me aren't you?.

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Thanks larry