Monday, February 15, 2010

Fiction so Micro it's....hard to even see

My fiction is missing..don't frown.
We drove to an Island...not town.
Here's one final shot.
A woman quite hot.
But wanting to nap, she fell down.

She stood proud for the picture.
30 minutes later,
she had toppled over sideways and was lying on her side.
And no, it wasn't my idea to make her a girl. Or give her ta-tas.

Sorry I missed Microfiction Monday, but Hubby, DaBoys and myself hopped in the truck and headed to Edisto Island this morning. Yes, it is quite nippy for a beach retreat, especially when said beach had 3 inches of snow too. However, our mission was too good to pass up.

A trade. The bartering system at it's very best. Since I was off today [Thank you Presidents!] I got to tag along instead of waiting to see what had happened when I got home from work.

Hubby's friend is a fishing guide on Edisto Island, which is beautiful in the summer time. But right now, between the economy and the weather, it's been rather bleak. So last night, the buddy called and said he had "a little something" for hubby.

I always like that call.

So we loaded the truck with venison hamburger, breakfast sausage, and snack sticks and traded for the Island's clams, oysters, shrimp and some flounder. This couple is really back to nature: as in grows most of their food, keeps bee hives, chickens for eggs, no get the picture. They live far away from the maddening crowd, so grocery shopping is quite the trip. When you want to take it. The lady of the house is expecting, so we brought a "baby to be" basket loaded with baby lotions/shampoos/body wash, a comb and brush, nail clippers and scissors, baby wipes and "natural" disposable diapers. [The things they have now they didn't have when I babysat!]. We brought their 7 year old daughter a tiny bag with a few treats; not too many sweets as this sweetie is home schooled and believes in "natural" only. With the weather being really odd lately [and them with no t.v.], we added a weather radio to the bounty. Now the fishing guide has tides and wind speed at his fingertips and I feel better knowing the "alert" will go off if bad weather is approaching the women folk at home while he's out with customers.

By the time we got BACK in the truck, they were so happy with their "extras", that they shared even more. We have honey from their bees and a dozen fresh eggs, courtesy of the chickens. The daughter drew me a lovely picture AND let me sit in her playhouse: a genuine pine tree teepee which she helped construct! I promised to return in the spring for the Orange tree the wife wanted to gift me with, one she'd grown from the seeds of ancient orange trees on the island...because the dogs were taking up all the room in the backseat of the truck and it was getting ready to rain. And rain it did. All the way home.

Who says trading isn't fun? Everyone got what they hoped for...and a little more.


Titus said...

Hang on. "ta-tas?

Sounds like a beautiful day, quite envious of the tee-pee and very envious of the honey - I love honey!

And yes, trading is definitely the way to go. We got an alligator tooth once...!

mapstew said...

I like your Limerick!
(My hometown too!)

I wish more people would trade. I could literally sing for my supper!
My mate 'Paul the Plumber' sorted out my radiator problem last week in exchange for an iPod top-up! :¬)


Rosidah Abidin said...

It must have been a wonderful day, except for the weather may be :). Have a great week.

hope said...

Titus, a more humorous way of saying breasts. And somewhat more dignified than using say, "Boobs". ;)

I wish I'd had my camera for the tee-pee! This cute little girl's mother is Swedish and to see this little blonde cutie in a pine tree teepee was too cute!

Funny, I once traded an alligator tooth for a really wonderful poetry book. ;)

Mapstew, after being indoors for 2 days, I'm a bit silly. Your hometown? Cool! And YES, I love the bartering stuff! Hubby has archery customers who've fixed the air conditioner, re-plumbed the line from our pump to the house and built the counter/cabinets for my birthday kitchen update! Traded skills for a bow or accessory for one. See, what can I trade you for? How about you do a YouTube video and I quit nagging? ;)

RA: it was fun to get out of the house! It was only about an hour and a half drive: had the weather been warmer [or less rainy], we could've stopped to look at the ocean for a while. Have a great week!

Nessa said...

A very profitable day for all.

Anonymous said...

OMG what a story. That is one hot mama LOL Great trading day :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Sounds like a great trip! Definitely worth skipping a Monday for.

My father kept an acre vegetable garden when I was growing up, and our neighbour had a boat and went fishing every weekend. Every Sunday evening they'd swap a bushel of fish and crabs, with a bushel of fresh vegetables like sweetcorn and asparagus...and both thought they had the best end of the deal. LOL We ALL had a splendid Sunday dinner!

I enjoyed that limerick btw.

steven said...

hope - the honey, the teepee, the time spent and then the snowgirl with the . . . . well who knew!! i've never constructed a girl version - and that's gotta be addressed if we get any snow!!! steven

Larry said...

very nice story and the outing seemed a lot of fun when we were young and growing up we traded for different things to get done with neighbors also we didn't have a lawn mower so dad would change the oil lube and oil filter for a mowing that was always nice and the neighbor had a riding lawnmower now you know why i liked mowing the lawn ...Smiles with a great big toothless smile. LOL
Hope thanks for your comments.I appreciate them.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Excellent bartering! When I had horses, I did that too... hay for lessons and board, swapping tack, all kinds of stuff. Works like a charm. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Think Map will listen if I trade a youtube video from him for no more nagging from me as well???? *crosses fingers behind back*