Sunday, February 14, 2010

And it's outta here

By mid afternoon, with the exception of the sun shielded side of the house, the snow had melted. Which is fine with me. I'm just glad the entire roadway didn't turn into a sheet of ice. So here's one parting shot, for Susan. It's not the old gal out front, but one of her siblings on the side of the house, facing the field our former Romeo used to go see his gal.

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steven said...

it's beautiful while it lasts - the snow i mean! steven

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot my friend. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family and Gung Hay Fat Choy :)

Monkey Man said...

Great photo. Snow can be so beautiful. Happy V-Day.

Titus said...

I love the differentiation from the top branches of the tree down to the lower ones. And what a sky!

Happy Valentine's Day. If you tell me you got a new bathroom I may have to shoot you.

hope said...

Steven, I so agree. And most of it's gone. Although we did make a snow woman this morning...not my idea. It started out as a snow "man", then I was on the verge of an asthma attack and went indoors. Came out later and hubby had turned it into a girl! I'll try to remember to post the photo.

Thom, hope you get your heart's wish too. By the way, I had a photo for you in yesterday's post!

Monkey Man...right back at ya! Hearts, not snow. ;)

Titus, it was really weird! The wind was blowing all night so we had trees that looked as if they'd been frosted on one side!

Put down your weapon...he got me a heart shaped cake for Heart Day. :) His birthday is this month....I keep asking him how am I even going to come CLOSE to that kitchen birthday gift!

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow, gorgeous! (the tree and the snow!)

Our snow is the same as you described: it falls but rarely sticks, so when it does we try to enjoy it (then I'm so glad to see it go!!)

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of pictures of snow in which other people experience it, capture it and shiver, leaving me able to view said snow from a position of distance and warmth.

So I guess I should thank you?! :)

mapstew said...

Ponita has some to spare! :¬)


hope said...

Susan, you're right. A nice snowstorm every 10 years which melts in 24 hours is exactly enough for a southern gal. ;)

Matthew, so glad to give you a glimpse of this side of the world's winter...I expect you to send me something cooling when it hits 100 degrees here in August. :)

Map, I saw that! And yet it's funny that Canada is having to truck in snow for the winter Olympics. Mother Nature has an odd sense of humor.

Nessa said...

She's very pretty. It's snowing here again in New Jersey. Another 2 inches coming.