Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happiness is where you find it

And sometimes, happy finds you. At least that's what happened Sunday, when I discovered that our favorite guy in Hawaii, Thom , had gifted me with the kind of award that lets me know that sometimes, I DO get things right.

So now, according to the rules, I get to list 10 things which make me happy before passing the reward on to others. Mahalo, Thom. I needed that. :)

Just remember, my brain is currently underwater, [a.k.a. a headcold...yuck!] so I'm hoping this makes sense.

10 Things That Make Me Happy
(I didn't add Family because I think that's a given)

who still makes me giggle, no matter how crummy I feel.

a.k.a. as our 2 chocolate Labs, Smokey & Bou.
Smokey keeps crawling up on the couch to sit with me like an attentive nurse.
After all, it's Monday, I should be working. Or maybe he's just hungry.

especially those in Blog World, who check on you with no expectations and still share of themselves. The world could do with more of that!

(Writing is another one of those "understood" points)

Funny movies:
laughter truly is the best medicine.

my favorite flower. They're like floral sunshine.

The sound of children giggling.

especially when it brings back memories.

The sound of waves on a beach.


Now, there were no rules as to how many and like most folks, I offer an Award...feel free to take it or pass. Up to you. Drum roll.....

Mapstew: think music to the ears...and soon to our eyes as well. ;)

savannah marsh mama: how can you not love a southern gal who uses "Sugar" as a term of endearment?!

Peggy: who always makes me feel better...and as if she's right next door.

Susan: who is like the other, funnier [okay, younger] half of me. I have a feeling if we were in the same room, we'd finish each other's sentences.

Dan: a man who can make a bad day or painful medical experience so funny, you almost feel bad for laughing. And he's always complimenting us: see his "people I'm collecting" as reference.

THE REST OF YOU: this is one of those awards that if you want to take and give it to someone who makes you feel better, especially on a bad day, then help yourself!


mapstew said...

Thank you missus! :¬)

You are kindness personified!


Rachel Fox said...

Agree about the daisies. I much prefer little wild flowers to anything fancier. And do I have a poem about it...why of course I do!

Eryl Shields said...

Ah, chocolate! I have such mixed feelings about chocolate.

Susan at Stony River said...

AGH! I breathed a sigh of relief when Thom didn't name me -- turns out he got two with one shot LOL. Then things to be happy about? At the end of January? Pffft.

Okay. For you, I'll try.

hope said...

Ah Map, you beat me to it! Some folks make you want to hug them just because. Consider yourself hugged.

Well Rachel, let's dig out that poem! :) I've always preferred wildflowers to "fancy" ones. Which I suppose Hubby finds a blessing, at least for his wallet.

Eryl, I don't allow my hips to enter the equation about chocolate, therefore I can love it unconditionally. ;)

Susan, you know I ALMOST went back and deleted you from the list only because I knew you'd feel obligated to play along. So don't feel obligated. I just wanted to recognize that your sweet words are like a warm hug on a cold day.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and to all those you passed it on to. I love your happy list especially the sound of waves and children giggling. Congrats also to all those you passed this on to, even Ms. Cranky Pants...pfff LOL :)Have a great day :)

hope said...

Thom! Why in the world can I no longer comment on your blog? I have in the past but it won't cooperate.

You may have to type slowly...the head cold is still holding on and I feel like I'm under water.

Titus said...

Ah! Funny movies and children giggling for me! Lovely list, congratulations to all awardees and hope, hope, you're feeling better soon. Stay on the couch with the dog for a while whilst requesting chocolate and jokes from hubby, eh?

Peggy said...

Awe Hope, I am still so honored that you thought of me for this award! Of course i'll list mine!
Mahalo to you!
Love the waves and the chocolate . I think I need some chocolate before I start!

Anonymous said...

The sound of waves on a beach - I'm absolutely with you on that one!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Congrats on your Award Hope, you are most deserving. You are One True Friend.

savannah said...

thank you, sugar! i am most appreciative and will post asap! xoxoxox

Dan said...

I'm dragging my work weary body over here to say thank you very much for the lovely award hope. I have a few sitting here gathering dust, I really should start to dish them out soon.

I hope all is well and lovely in your land and may our paths cross once more soon.


hope said...

Titus, the dog is starting to look at me funny, like "Why are you STILL here? Don't you have a job to go to?" Then he gets that terrorized look in his eye, as if perhaps I've been fired and his dog food is in jeopardy. I continue to talk to him calmly. ;)

Peggy, I'm fairly sure chocolate would bring world peace if we only gave it a chance. :)

Matthew: So listen to them for me, then remind me what they sound like. Interesting new shot! Then again, I'm in a sweater currently....

Thanks Bill! Um, am I imagining things or did you perhaps delete a post today? [Gee, my answer wasn't THAT bad, was it?] ;0

savannah, take your time. The Saints have taken up your attention, understandably. And they'll be playing who? ;)

Dan, work is indeed hard! Sometimes I wonder if this cold was my body's way of saying, "Enough already! Let somebody else do the work for a while." I guess you are....somebody. :) Hope it's going well.

Nishant said...

Some folks make you want to hug them just because. Consider yourself hugged.

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