Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 55

Can you write a story in 55 words? Sure you can. Even I stopped blowing my nose long enough to ditch my head cold and write one. Make sure you let the G-Man know that you came to play. And don't worry, I wiped down the keyboard and screen with a disinfectant so you don't catch my cold.

Growing tall and proud, he'd dreamed of a career in public service. Perhaps shelter as a home. Or the paper upon which an amazing novel was written. A bookcase for literary greats.

"Where you headed?" asked the next tree in line.

"Tissue factory," he sighed. "My career with Shakespeare now becomes 'Out, out, damned snot'".


Mama Zen said...

That's hilarious!

anthonynorth said...

Loved this. Funny.
You'll find mine here.

g-man said...

Lady Macbeth with a cold?
Excellent 55 Hope.
Thank you so much for this Friday Smile. Drink plenty of fluids, and call me in the morning...Dr. G

Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said...

lol. funny 55. thanks for teh chuckles.

my 55 is up!

Susan at Stony River said...

That's a cute one! Off to Paper Mill University they go LOL

Are you still stuck with the tissues? (me too, the last few days -- did I catch it from you?!)

Peter Stone said...

What a riot! I hate colds too :(

My 55 is HERE

Anonymous said...

Still chuckling...

Mine's mine.

Dr.John said...

Gota feel sorry for that tree.
Great 55.

Titus said...

Ah, our aspirations. So carelessly reduced to the mere essentials of life.
Good one!

hope said...

MamaZen, I feel personally responsible for that poor tree's feelings.

anthonynorth: I'm sure Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave. ;)

Thanks G-Man. I'd call you, but I can't take any more bills.

Brian, you're welcome. If I can get someone to laugh, I've done good for the day.

Susan: yes on tissues, no on passing it to you. I think we got it from Radge...probably doesn't wipe off his keyboard regularly. ;)

PeterStone: yeah, colds are the pits. So you gotta laugh.

Titanium perhaps if my head was made out of your name, I'd be safe. ;)

Dr. John, I do feel sorry for that tree. I feel like I should apologize to every tree I see.

Titus, sometimes I FEEL like that tree. :)

Peggy said...

LOL funny, Shakespeare never sounded so good!

Enchanted Oak said...

Wonderful 55. Truly a masterpiece.

Alice Audrey said...

Groan. *huge grin* That was a top of the line pun.