Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday 55

Okay's personal. You've been warned.

(And no Ma, it's not you. After all, you're only 29).

If you craft one of these 55 word stories, make sure you let the G-Man know you came to play.

"I stopped having birthdays once I hit 30,"
the woman declared.
"Celebrating is so childish."

Is she serious? I wondered in disbelief.
Who in their right mind thought
pretending not to age
was better than birthday cake?

So call me childish.
And kindly excuse me while I go
grab a piece of MY birthday cake.

Me at age 4.
I still pretty much attack birthday cake the same way.
Except now, they're ALWAYS chocolate cakes.
Pardon me while I go in the kitchen and see if
the Birthday Fairy brought me one.


mapstew said...

Happy Birthday?

Mmwwah! :¬)


hope said...

Ah, my first Irish kiss of the day. :)

Yep, today is the day. And I have the day off. And I came home yesterday to a "new" kitchen: new dishwasher, counter top and bottom cabinets! I keep telling young girls, "Find a good man, treat him right and good things will happen."

I picked the right guy. :)

Enchanted Oak said...

Holy mackeral! A new kitchen on your birthday! What a terrific present. Enjoy your cake, your good man, and your good life. Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Brighid said...

Happy Birthday! What a super present, a new kitchen! Couldn't happen to a nicer lady.

Peggy said...

I lost my comment, the cyber fairy must have taken it!

Happy Birthday my friend, I was on my way over this morning to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy Day(all day), then I find a great story to entertain me. I call that a win win for me!
Enjoy your chocolate cake to the last crumb and catch my birthday kiss, cause here it comes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to you my friend. I hope you have a great day. Wonderful 55 and I hope you did get a cake. :)Have a wonderful Friday and Brithday :)

Brian Miller said...

happy birthday! and i will take birthday cake any day..and you can put whatever number on it you want right? nice 55.

mine is up!

g-man said...

German Chocolate Please...
I loved your story today Hope.
Reality 55's are always the best!
Happy Birthday My Dear...
I hope it's Kick ASS!!!

hope said...

Thanks enchantedoak! We live in a 126 year old farm house which I LOVE, but you do have to upgrade from time to time. Still has that country kitchen feel, but I have so much more room!

Got your card Grace...thanks.

Why thank you Brighid! I teased hubby and asked if that was a hint I should do more cooking. :) His shop is behind the house and I commute so most of the time he gets dinner going before I get home. See, I told you I picked the right guy. ;)

And Peggy's is the first "American" kiss of the day. :) Thank you kindly. Now if I can just sit still for a minute! The kitchen is great but hubby had to work today, which means I lined cabinets and put stuff back. Where does all that stuff COME from?

Thom, the Birthday Fairy did indeed leave me a cake on my shiny new counter. :) Thanks for your good wishes. It'll probably be tomorrow before I read everyone's 55s.

Brian, when my Grandma turned 65 she pouted that she wasn't having any more birthdays and getting older. So I told her we should just add the two numbers together and it made her 11. She was especially thrilled when, after doing this with everyone in the room, I was the oldest! From then on, she kept that birthday system. :) Me? Age is mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Ah G-Man, I'll save you some cake next month..I always make a German Chocolate cake for hubby.

Titus said...

Happy Birthday, and yep, I'd take the cake every time.
A new kitchen! You must treat him right, Southern gal!

Dr.John said...

Now I want some cake.
Very good 55

Anonymous said...

Back again my friend. You might want to check out my post here. Have a great Saturday :)

hope said...

Titus, I do try. And to think he was moaning last week about what to get me for my birthday. The man deserves an Academy Award! And his birthday is next month...gee, no pressure now. :)

Dr. John, if I could figure out how to squeeze it into cyberspace, I'd share cake with all of you. ;)

Thom you're a good man! And I am truly grateful. As you will see, I've added you to my blog roll so people WHO COMMENT can find you. ;)

Larry said...

hey I'm pretty much the same was as you when it comes to birthday cakes.
Sorry you had to see all the blood and gore from the dead crows but I hate em with a passion. Thanks for stopping by. and leaving your comment I appreciate them Tremendously Larry...

Land Of The Gnomes

Eryl Shields said...

I missed your birthday, drat! Happy belated, and what a present: a whole new kitchen!

Totally agree about the cake, and I'm pretty sure eating cake makes you younger anyway.

hope said...

No Larry...hubby is kind enough to dispatch of crows while I'm at work. :) Look forward to your next 55.

Eryl, I'm just glad to see you're getting back to normal. I know, normal is overrated, but then there's cake to even life out. ;)

Monkey Man said...

Hope - thanks for stopping by to read my 55. I usually don't continue them as some sort of cliff hanger, but this one I may revisit in the future. Sara is my daughter and we lived in a house that was haunted. Stay tuned.

Monkey Man said...

Oh, Happy Birthday. My daughters is tomorrow. Capricorns are pretty ok.