Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday 55

If it's too cold to go outside, then sit right down and write yourself a 55 word story. And make sure you let the G-Man know if you came to play. It's much easier than dressing in layers to face the cold.

Returning from another meeting, she found the hall rearranged, as if the wall was trying to come in out of the cold.

Victim of a hit and run driver.

Waiting on aid, she surveyed the wall protruding into the building. It seemed symbolic of her career. Pushed to the point of breaking, but still standing.

Sadly, tis a true story. And the reason I haven't posted this week. Someone drove their car, accidentally I'm assuming, into the front wall of our building and left. No confession, no note, no apologetic phone call. I was at a meeting at the time of the incident and the only witness was unable to I.D. the driver as she was in the opposite end of the building. Reports were filed and although I was unhappy that all the higher ups believe [a] it HAD to be a senior citizen and [b] I should be the one investigating, it all comes down to the usual.


Depending on how much the repairs to this 1956 facility total will determine the fate of whether we stay or are closed. Time will tell.

Note to my building: hey, I am totally empathetic. Honest.


Brian Miller said...

yikes. glad it was in the middle of the night when no one was there. at least there is that consolation. all too real 55. hope for the best.

mine is up.

sarah said...

this is a great 55. Like the analogy to the her career. Also glad no one was hurt.

Mine's up.

Titus said...

I am speechless at the beauty of the first sentence, and then by the event itself.

hope said...

Brian, actually it was at 9 a.m.! Fortunately the only person in the building at the time was well away from the impact site. Thanks for your good thoughts. I'll be visiting you Saturday.

Thanks Sarah. The things broken can be replaced, my seniors can't. Will see you tomorrow.

Ah Titus, you've returned! Yep, it was quite a shock, considering I came in, the building was fine, I went to a meeting, then the building wasn't so fine upon my return. I took pictures, just haven't gotten to them yet.

steven said...

hello hope, it's hard to imagine someone nailing a building - and leaving!!! great 55 by the way. steven

Anonymous said...

WOW Hope...I'm just glad no one was hurt. What a real life 55 my friend. Go figure the higher Have a great weekend :)

G-Man said...

Jeez Hope, What a drag!!
Real life does make for Great 55's though!
I'm sure everything will turn out OK...I have Faith AND Hope!
Thanks for this Excellent contribution, and have a Kick Ass Week End...G

Susan at Stony River said...

Oops! So all of us who have been praying for you to get yourself out of that job and into another maybe weren't specific enough...and didn't include the clause "but don't close the centre down please"!

I'd love to see what their car looks like.

Good luck with this new situation! I hope somehow it all works out for the best.

Enchanted Oak said...

I identify with that wall too, trying to come in from the cold. Very unusual 55.

hope said...

steven, I figure panic set in and the driver took off.

Thom, it ALWAYS comes down to money with those folks. Too bad they don't value their employees as highly.

G-Man, from your lips to God's ear! Because I know God has more common sense. ;)

Susan, we've got a small piece of the vehicle left behind but it's so generic, no one has a clue. I had one small victory: I'm being allowed to forgo that all day at the other place on at least I have that morning back. Prayer is always appreciated. :) was a most unusual day. ;)

Larry said...

First of all I'm truly glad you were taught to stay away from the drug world. Referring to my Flash 55 because the drug world is exactly the way my post describes it to be I have a brother who died two years ago Grom Aids intraveinvous drugs called methadone, Vicodine and Oxycodone.

Now for your situation my heart reaches out to you. I hope you catch the people or person who wrecked your building. I Hope and pray things will turn out okay for you.

This Blog Of Mine

Peggy said...


You are such a good writer, I was thoroughly engrossed in your 55 from the very first line and then I find out that it's based on fact... and I was like Oh NO!!!! How scary that you're building was a victim of a hit and run, just so glad that nobody was hurt (except the building.)

Mama Zen said...


Hope they make the repairs, and you don't have to close.

Akelamalu said...

At least no-one was hurt eh?

It's so annoying when people don't own up though. A woman crashed into my son's car outside his house and drove away. Unfortunately for her my son saw it happen and got her registration number which he passed on to the police - stupid woman!

hope said...

Larry, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. And I'd be grateful if you'd keep praying about my building! I don't want to see the seniors get thrown out...too many Dept. $$ are spent on kids.

Peggy, that building was constructed in 1956, which may turn out to be its saving grace...they used REAL materials back then. ;) Thanks for the good thoughts.

MamaZen, I so hope you folks are right!

Akelamalu, I understand panic. But with it being a site for seniors, you'd think they would've at least checked to see if no one was harmed. Had the meeting been at it's regular time, I would've been there and out the door to at least get a tag number.