Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow! Would you look at that!

Evidently I was good. Or at least good enough. Santa brought me a new monitor, so I must say you're all looking well. Rather stylish in those new Christmas outfits.

I, on the other hand, am looking like the victim of too much Christmas cheer. Did I eat too much? No. I kept that under control. I seemed to have purchased gifts that everyone enjoyed. Or at least I didn't witness anyone rolling their eyes when they opened a package. Jet lag? No, our route went by car. Snow storm? No, we had a TORNADO watch half the day and it rained so hard our yard is spotting a couple of small ponds.

So why am I looking a little worse for wear?

Because I have a very enthusiastic 10 year old nephew. He's my "Elf in Training", meaning I finally don't have to be the one who hands out the gifts while everyone else sits. Why am I still an elf? I didn't grow very tall, so I fit under the tree and I don't have to lean too far down. Nephew will make a good replacement....for about a year or two. You see, he's already as tall as I am and I fear that next year I'll be back to being the only one short enough to reach beneath the tree without a body part giving out.

Until then, however, I need to temper Nephew's enthusiasm a little. You see, I like to sit on the floor to open packages while all the other adults sit in chairs. So Nephew and I shared floor space. Which was fine. For a while. You see, when he opens a gift, it's like a whirling dervish has been brought in for a performance. Paper flies, sometimes gift parts get caught up in the thrill of it all and go flying. And on occasion, he hops up enthusiastically and swings around to show off his new bounty. Like he did yesterday. Running past me he suddenly swung back around, new toy clinched inside his fist.....and caught me right in the eye. Actually rocked me backwards a bit, causing all the adults to warn him to slow down before he hurt his Aunt Elf.

Too late.

Yes. Today I have a partial black eye.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

So I'm going to turn my attention back to you, with your bright shiny selves all sparkly in my new monitor. You all look marvelous.

And not a black eye amongst you.

[Note to self: do NOT celebrate New Year's with the nephew. You might not survive the sugar high].


Susan at Stony River said...

Oh no! But at least it was the end product of jubilation, and not anger...that *does* make it not so bad... uh, right?
Congratulations on your new monitor! I'll try to come up with something big to justify being seen so well ROFL

Anonymous said...

WOOT..congrats on your new monitor. Must be wonderful. Your nephew sounds like a holy terror, as they all are at that age LOL...But how fun. Sorry to hear about the black eye...Need a Rib Eye for it? LOL. Happy Holidays my friend :)

Titus said...

Whoo Hoo! Very good indeed.

I hate to say I share your pain, but Christmas morning somewhat similar here! Why do things you build have to have so many bits, why are they sharp, and why are they always under my feet!

Sorry about the eye, hope you stay up late on New Year's Eve so they both match and best, best wishes and love for 2010.

savannah said...

very cool, the monitor, not the black eye, i mean! happy day after christmas and here's to a fabulous new year, sugar! xoxoxo

Brighid said...

Congrats on the new monitor, and the early New Year's eye makeup. Could be the training was a bit over the top. Can you really see what we're wearing???

Enchanted Oak said...

I didn't know there was a word for the person passing out the gifts. I guess I'm an elf too. I'm short enough to get under the tree like you. Sorry about your black eye!

Peggy said...

Susan's right, a black eye for expressing happiness is far better then for anger.
But still...ouchy!
A nice shiny new monitor does help a lot though...right?!!!!

mapstew said...

So, Now you is one of the 'Black Eyed Elves'!!

You got a new monitor?, I needs a new computer! Currently using Eldest's lappy when she in bed! Our House PC is old and SLOW!!! But santa did bring a brand new 17inch screen surround sound lappy to the Second Child, so my choices have doubled!

Maybe next year Santa will put Map on the 'GOOD' list!


Rachel Fox said...

I love the way you casually throw in phrases like 'tornado watch'. I've never been remotely near being on tornado watch. It sounds very exciting.

hope said...

Susan, the fact that he slowed down for a moment to look contrite helped. Today's not as bad...looks like I applied makeup past my eyelid, into the upper corner. ;) And yes, I can't wait to see what you come up with to test the monitor's limits.

Thom, the monitor is the icing on the cake. I keep telling myself, "Well, at least he didn't hit you hard enough to make your eye CLOSE up so you couldn't see your new toy."

Titus...small boys and their toys are a hazard to adult women! But the rest of the holiday was great.

Thanks know we southern gals are tough. Rather not be tested like that but I've gone to my room to play with my toy. ;)

Brighid, thanks for your kindness. I figure if I keep telling myself I can see what you're wearing, maybe I can use the new monitor like a crystal ball and find a new job. ;)

enchantedoak, it's always been the family joke. As soon as I learned how to read, I started assisting with the handing out of gifts. Somewhere along the line I got called a good little elf and it stuck. I even bought my new assistant a hat to wear. He wore it last year, heaven knows where it is now.

Yes Peggy, I shall play with my new toy and not think about my eye. And I don't, unless my nose begins to itch and I get too enthusiastic and hit that dark spot.

Map, I'm not singing until you get your video out. Although their song "Boom, Boom, Pow" seems appropriate. ;) And don't you know that parents are suppose to test out their children's new toys...for safety reasons? Yeah, that sounds good. The test can last for as long as you deem necessary.

Ah rachel, someone fascinated by my weather terminology. ;) Actually that one means conditions exist for a tornado to touch down. When you get to "Warning" level, means one has been spotted. Let's just say the build up to one isn't fun and I don't ever want to experience a tornado first hand! But it's weird to have a warm, humid, windy CHRISTMAS! It rained so hard, so fast that streets flooded all the way across in 15 minutes and storm drains couldn't keep up. And now I hear our cold weather is on the way. Half of America was under a blizzard Christmas Day and I jokingly called ours "Liquid snow".

Dan said...

Just thank god he wasn't given a socket set for Christmas. Imagine one of them swinging at your face?

I bet you found it hard to keep smiling?.......

hope said...

Dan, he was moving so fast, I don't think he noticed. I'm not quite a martyr, but I did suffer quietly. :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad that you had a memorial Christmas. Congratulations on the new monitor. Hope your eye heals soon.

Larry said...

sugar highs can be a bummer but worst is the new Christmas toys. Hate hearing your showing off a new shiner but I can say from experience it will clear up soon. To answer your question you asked on the micro fiction Monday post is yes Damn glad I'm a male. Thanks for stopping by This Blog Of Mine Hope. I appreciate your comments and your questions LOL.

Walk in My shoes

hope said...

Bill, at least I heal quickly...and the monitor is taking the strain off the eyes. ;)

Larry, I'm just glad I'm on vacation this week so I didn't have to explain anything. :) I hope to back to Monday Microfiction next time.

To everyone, have a great [and safe] New Year!

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