Monday, December 7, 2009

Microfiction Monday

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters...or even fewer.

Be sure to share yours with Susan. Below is this week's photo:

The dryer belonged to Stephen King
so Sue should've known better than
to seek where socks vacationed.
But pink always made her feel brave.


Susan at Stony River said...

OMG. "belonged to Stephen King" says it all! Can you imagine what she looked like when she got out? (IF she did??)
This was brilliant!

Barbara H. said...

Oh that is brilliant! Who knew a dryer could have such possibilities!

Peggy said...

Stephen King ALWAYS scares me. Perfect scary cast member for your short play! Loved your take on this! Have a good week Hope!

Titus said...

Oh, just perfect! First sentence sets the scene; second sentence makes it a story. Loved it!

hope said...

Susan, now I would never wish that on Baby Princess. But as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a King short story I read as a teen. The guy worked in a laundry, in a basement and yes, the machinery ate him. *shudder*

Barbara H.: once you read King, you wonder if his kids said, "Um, no thanks Dad. We don't care for a bedtime story." ;)

Peggy, I do wonder about the way my brain works sometimes. You have a great week yourself!

Titus, you need to try this little exercise! It's amazing how people like me, who believe they can only talk in 500 words not less, have taken to the challenge. 55 words was a good way to get started, the Susan threw this one out.

As long as no one asks me to complete the 6 word challenge I've seen, I'm good.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

This Was Good, Stephen King, Scary thought of what would find in his Washer/Dryer

Dulce said...

hee heee heee...

Anonymous said...

A Stephen King Dryer. WOOT!! Brilliant my friend and very well done :)

Larry said...

Clever hope clever I went with the easiest. I guess I'll get better in time. I like your Microfictions and your Flash55's. By the way my fifty five is already waiting for posting Friday. I think the Idea Susan came up with of posting next weeks picture a week early is great. I can have time to come up with better results. Or do you think that might be cheating some people would think so I'm sure. Because what gets really interesting is coming up with your post as soon as you see the picture or prompt. Anyway nice visiting you and thanks for dropping by also.

~~see you next week~~
This Blog Of Mine

Mama Zen said...

Love it!

hope said...

Bill, I wonder if all the people King offs in his books are really stand-ins for book editors who told him he had no talent? :)

Dulce: :)

Thom, I swear I harbor no ill will towards small children. Especially little miss Pretty in Pink.

Larry: I'm like that. I want to just look at the picture and see what it inspires. I took one look at this one and heard, "You know if Stephen King was writing this..."

Even with the advance photo for next week, I found myself thinking, "No! I can't look now!"

ROSIDAH said...

Ouch, Stepehn King! I wouldn't even dare to get near the machine. Kids are so brave ;). Have a wonderful week.

mapstew said...



mountain.mama said...

I thought of Alice in Wonderland with a twist, but not Stephen King. Good one!

Granny Sue said...

Yikes. She must be very brave in pink to face up to that hairy scary man.

Nice take!

Larry said...

well well I see you do the microfiction thing to. I loved both of yours Microfiction and Flash 55. Galen had a great time Friday. We all had fun having our little party I think anyway. Oh well I wanted to thank you for dropping by This Blog Of Mine and leaving a comment. I appreciate that so very much.

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