Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

I know many of you are walking away from the computer for the holidays and into the loving arms of a confused family who wonders...."Who are you again?"

No, we're not permanently attached to our keyboards. We just like the invisible people on the other side of the screen. After all, they don't point out that we need a haircut, wardrobe update or to lose a few pounds. Really...during the holidays?

In a few minutes I will attend the mandatory office party, which this year is a Brunch. Then our employer releases us into the wild just after Noon. And I will not return to my desk until Jan. 4th....vacation is my gift to ME. Yeah, I'll probably check in, just to see who survived the merriment.

So to catch up before I get caught up in the whirl of activity, or as my brother put it last night, before I go out into the crowd of stupid people not paying attention, here's my report.

Monday night was Christmas Tea with the British Wives senior group. This year they decided to celebrate not only Christmas, but England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and South Carolina. So I got to see a "River Dance Line Dance", followed by three of the Brits tap dancing [yes, TAP dancing] to "Carolina in the Morning". Just for the fun of it, we were asked to sing along when we got to the second verse. Let me tell you, for women in their late 60s to mid 70s, it was impressive. And to think we're suppose to worry about falling and breaking hips at that age.

This was followed by toasts...sort of. I was asked to provide toasts from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. When their President stood, my sheet in hand, she lamented that they had no proper English toast. [Because they told me THEY were going to provide one!] One of the ladies in the group had scribbled one down, so it went first. This was followed by Scotland and Shug, you will get a kick out of this. I included the Selkirk Grace you provided for me. The English ladies couldn't pronounce it and the Scottish lass said she had a hard time with it because since no one seemed to understand her, she found it difficult to "read Scottish".


Their President came up with one, but I swear it was Irish...and sounded like the one Map stew had offered.

They used both of the ones Susan provided for the Irish and, although they had insisted I find one for Wales, they merely discussed how the Welsh had their own language which was so difficult, no one could pronounce it. Hmmm, I handed them a toast written in English. They got so carried away talking about the entertainers Wales had given to the world [starting with Tom Jones] that the toast got overlooked. We sang a few pub songs, half of which I'd never heard of, the other half I only knew from this annual shindig. They tried to provide one for each country, although we sang more than one for some countries. We finished with Auld Lang Syne to represent Scotland. And what's the song which has been stuck in my head ever since?

"You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye. For me and my true love will never meet again on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

This morning hubby caught me singing it out loud.

However, the most fun I've had at any Christmas party this year was the one on Dan's blog. He's a clever and charming host. And he always has nothing but nice things to say about how you look. Thank you Dan. It was a lovely party.

So as you all head your separate ways to spend time with family and friends, I'll be headed to the Mother-in-law's house on Christmas Eve....because it's her birthday. In fact, she gave birth to her first child the day after Christmas....and that daughter married a man born on...yes, Christmas Day.

Here's wishing all of my invisible friends, who mean a lot to me for a variety of reasons, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


savannah said...

Merry Christmas, sugar and Happy New Year! xoxoxo

Peggy said...

Your Hoiiday party is so LOL ( I realize it's funny to me, maybe not you at the time)
Have a great vacation.. and I'll be here next year(god willing and the creek don't rise) to read and comment some more!
Merry Christmas friend!

Titus said...

hope, that sounds like a tea-party made in heaven! I love singalongs!
And the bottom line is there are no English toasts, other than "Get it dahn yer neck".

I wish you a joyous, peaceful Christmas filled with love and good food, and two small boys send their very best wishes too.
They take it in turns to sleep with the alligator tooth under their pillow. I suspect they are hoping the Tooth Fairy will leave them an alligator.

hope said...

savannah, I'm hoping your clean bill of health is just the start of a wonderful holiday for you!

Peggy it was funny! Especially when two of the ladies kept trying to "one up" the other. "It's time to dance!" one would declare as the other uttered loudly, "Not yet dear." :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Titus, I'd be afraid of the Tooth Fairy who could bring one of those into the room! But I'm glad they're getting such fun out of it...will make sure I tell hubby. I need to remember to go take a picture of where the alligator rests in his shop...on the ceiling! Merry Christmas and give those cuties a hug for me. Okay, the mister too if he feels left out...then have him hug you for me. ;)

Susan at Stony River said...

Your lot of British wives there sounds rather disorganised and easily distracted...yep, definitely from our part of the world!

Merry Christmas hon and Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday LOL

mapstew said...

hope, that party sounds like something I would have loved!

I am so glad to have made a dear friend such as you, and all the other friends I have made her over the past year. I give thanks for you all.

Have a wonderful christmas.
Enjoy your family.
Laugh and have fun.
Hug and kiss.
Dance and be merry.
Sing and shout.
Chat quietly in corners and remember those who have passed.
Ponder alone.
Then start all over again!

Lots of Love.


Rachel Fox said...

Lots of love for Xmas.

hope said...

Susan, the funny thing is both of the woman have been President before, both declare they won't do it again and both are control freaks. :) I learned to smile alot. Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas! And yes, I will peak in to check your sanity level. ;)

Map; you have to be one of my all time favorites that I've met this year. {Yeah, Jimmy's okay too}. I will do as you prescribe Doc and wish the same for you. Just remember, hope & Ponita P.R. are only giving you the holidays off...then it's back to nagging..I mean ENCOURAGING you to get your act together on video. ;) xx

Rachel I wish the same for you and yours! All my bloggy friends have become my best non-Christmas present ever! x

Dan said...

That party sounded brilliant (and much better than mine!)

Have yourself a great Christmas matey, and look forward to reading up in the New Year.

Merry Crimbo!