Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis Black Friday

Which means just about everyone in the U.S. but ME is out shopping. {Hi Mom..hope you got some deals and returned home in one piece}.

I'm skipping, much to my dismay, Friday 55 today as the oldest furry kid had to go to the Vet and have...never mind, you don't want to know. But for the record, it was his ear. No other body parts have been... neutralized.

Plus Hubby has tendinitis in his right hand, which is not only horrible for poor him, but makes working today virtually impossible. So I'll be checking in here but need to keep an eye on "My Boys". :)

Here's wishing all of you a great weekend!


Susan at Stony River said...

Dangit Hope, you had me counting the words in that just to see if you were teasing.

I hope the Boys are all feeling fine now, and enjoying the care! Also hope your Mom's getting some great deals...

mapstew said...

I'm off to do some singing.
Any requests?

Have a good weekend.


hope said...

Dang Susan, why didn't I think of that?!

The 4 legged boy is napping and the 2 legged one is sitting outside talking to a friend. I'm glad Hubby decided to take the day off!

Map...hmmm. Something "old school" in the tradition of Nat King Cole, Michael Buble or Harry Connick, Jr. Thanks for asking...even if I can't be there, it makes me feel better. ;)

Anonymous said...

I started counting as well LOL...and stopped the count at the second paragraph. LOL. Sorry to hear about your boys. Hope they get better real soon :) Have a great Friday and weekend ahead :)

Titus said...

Love to all, get well soon and we love alligator teeth!
Probably the most exciting thing ever to have arrived in a box at this house! And yes, I'm including the Time Machine in that!

Winifred said...

Oh dear you've lost me. What's Black Friday?

enchantedoak said...

Daughter and I did Black Friday at Targe and loved it. Altogether mellow crowd where I live. All the presets bought and nothing to do but kick it in December.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope your Lads are doing well. Your Mum is Brave, luckily here North of the 49th we don't have Black Friday.

When I hear everyone talking about Black Friday in the US, I think they are talking about the Stock Market Crash in 1929, but then remind myself that it was called Black Tuesday.

YOu have a wonderful weekend.

hope said...

Thanks Thom! I know they're both headed toward recovery as both got grumpy and restless this afternoon. :)

Titus, I'm glad we found something that probably no other kid on the block has. ;)

Sorry Winifred! Horrible [says me, the anti-shopper] tradition which is usually the biggest shopping day of the year. Always the Friday following Thanksgiving here. I stay home and Mom runs joyfully into the crowds.

enchantedoak, you're braver than me. I shopped from home today, via the computer. ;)

Thanks Bill! I'll have to keep repeating the day of the week to myself as it's going to seem like Sunday for two more days. :)

mapstew said...

Tonight I sang 'Home' (Mons Buble) and 'Let there be love' (NKC).
See? I read minds too!


hope said...

So Map, when will we be able to buy your Christmas CD? ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a bunch of old coots at your house. Ya'll all fallin apart? LOL

Peggy said...


Somtimes you just gotta keep those boys from falling off the train, so to speak!
I counted too but not until I went to the comments. I went back just to be sure!

I was doing internet shopping today! Did pretty good!

hope said...

Peggy, I too went the internet route on a couple of things. Sad when Shipping and Handling is cheaper than driving to get it. Or is it? :)

Akelamalu said...

Oh no 55???? :(

Hope your Mom made it home OK with plenty of bargains.

mapstew said...

hope, when it happens, you won't have to BUY!

(YES, it WILL be signed!)


Dan said...

How are both your men doing now Hope?

hope said...

Map you are a gentleman and a delight. :)

Dan, the 4 legged child got his bandage changed at the vet and he's doing better. Final check up on Friday.

Hubby got the worse end of the deal:shot of cortisone in his hand as he has tendonitis in his right thumb. He says it's suppose to clear things up, which is good as this is the busy time for his archery shop. But his hand is bruised. Yikes!